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Manhize steel plant commences pig iron production

by Staff reporter
15 Jun 2024 at 13:22hrs | Views
The Dinson Iron and Steel Company (Disco) plant in Manhize, Midlands Province, marked a significant milestone on Wednesday with the blast furnace commencing pig iron production. This US$1.5 billion project is pivotal for Zimbabwe's industrial revival and aligns with the Second Republic's goal of achieving an upper middle-income status before 2030. Pig iron production sets the stage for steel billet production, expected to begin in July, crucial for various industrial applications.

Disco announced the successful production of its first pig iron batch on its X (formerly Twitter) account, highlighting the importance of this development. Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries COO, Mr. Dosman Mangisi, emphasized that this achievement signifies progress towards the country's economic resuscitation and its potential to become a major steel player in the region and continent.

The Manhize steel plant, developed by Disco, a subsidiary of Tsingshan Holdings Group Limited, aims to transform Zimbabwe into a continental steel giant. Disco, which also owns Dinson Colliery and Afrochine Smelting Limited, is well-positioned in the steel production chain. The plant's initial phase will produce 600,000 metric tonnes of steel annually, with a projected increase to five million tonnes per year in the final phase, generating substantial foreign currency.

Beyond steel production, Disco plans to diversify its product portfolio to include pipes, bolts, and wires, with anticipated net revenues of US$4.25 billion at peak production. The project will also create around 10,000 jobs, significantly boosting local employment.

A key partnership with the Government involves refurbishing and constructing a 1,000km railway line to connect the plant with export markets, ensuring efficient transportation. Additionally, the project includes developing road and rail networks and a dam for water supply, supporting the Government's vision of stimulating production across all sectors and achieving an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

Source - The Chronicle