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Zimbabwe takes healthcare to the next level with Quinary Hospital

by Tonderai Ndoro
15 Jun 2024 at 12:26hrs | Views
The Second Republic is persisting in its efforts to upgrade the healthcare delivery system in Zimbabwe.

A notable accomplishment in this regard is the impending completion of the University of Zimbabwe's super-specialist hospital in Avondale, Harare. As announced by Professor Paul Mapfumo, the Vice Chancellor of UZ, the hospital is scheduled to commence operations in August 2024.

This development is concurrent with the ongoing construction of the Quinary hospital, which is anticipated to emerge as a premier medical facility in the region.

A Quinary hospital represents the pinnacle of specialized healthcare, offering the most advanced level of medical care. The University of Zimbabwe's facility, upon completion, will assume the role of a primary referral hospital in the country.

Professor Mapfumo elucidated that a super-specialist hospital is distinct from ordinary healthcare institutions, providing the highest level of specialized care that individuals often seek in foreign countries.

The completion of this hospital will consequently result in significant foreign currency savings, as patients will no longer need to travel abroad for medical check-ups.

The hospital is intended to specialize in complex medical care, encompassing oncology, cardiology, feto-maternal care, and renal care.
Considering the substantial annual expenditure of approximately US$400 million by Zimbabweans on medical treatment abroad, this new hospital is anticipated to substantially reduce these expenses by providing advanced medical services locally.

In alignment with President Mnangagwa's vision of inclusive development, the Second Republic's establishment of this Quinary hospital represents a significant milestone in enhancing access to specialized healthcare, thereby obviating the need for Zimbabweans to seek medical attention in foreign countries.

Source - Byo24News