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Muzorewa urges genuine Gukurahundi resolution

by Staff reporter
17 Jun 2024 at 04:05hrs | Views
Opposition United African National Congress (UANC) leader Gwinyai Muzorewa emphasized the crucial role of engaging spirit mediums in addressing the deep-rooted spiritual pain caused by the Gukurahundi massacres of the 1980s. He asserted that victims of these mass killings require spiritual healing alongside national reconciliation efforts.

Chiefs have been entrusted with leading public hearings on the Gukurahundi massacres, set to commence next month in Matabeleland. They have received training in conflict management and equipped with laptops and recording devices for these hearings.

In an interview with Sunday Southern Eye, Muzorewa underscored the significance of traditional healers in guiding these hearings and prescribing necessary rituals for healing. He highlighted rituals such as slaughtering black cows and holding remembrance ceremonies as integral to this process.

Muzorewa criticized the notion that spiritual healing is inferior to Western medicine, emphasizing that African practices have their own validity. He proposed the establishment of a specialized ministry focused on spiritual healing, addressing not only historical traumas like Gukurahundi but also contemporary issues such as drug abuse and suicide.

The Gukurahundi massacres saw approximately 20,000 people killed in Midlands and Matabeleland by the Fifth Brigade under Robert Mugabe's rule. Mugabe attributed the military action to arms caches allegedly discovered on Zapu farms, targeting perceived dissidents. Mnangagwa has pledged to address Gukurahundi, marking a shift from Mugabe's avoidance of public debate or apology for the killings.

Source - newsday