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Son blackmails mother over drugs

by Staff reporter
23 Jun 2024 at 05:44hrs | Views
In Harare, a 28-year-old man named Shelton Kawonde was brought to court by his mother, Dzengesu Mutsara, for threatening to commit suicide unless she bought him drugs. Mutsara explained to Harare magistrate Johanna Mukwesha that Kawonde had been abusing illicit substances and had become violent towards her when she refused to give him money for drugs. She recounted an incident where Kawonde arrived home intoxicated and threatened her with an iron bar, demanding she leave their house.

Mutsara requested a protection order from the court, expressing concern for her safety and stating that she didn't want to evict her son despite his behavior. She emphasized the need for him to show respect and obedience towards her.

Kawonde admitted to his abusive behavior and attributed it to alcohol abuse. The magistrate, Mukwesha, instructed Kawonde to cease harassing his mother and mandated him to undergo counseling for the next three months to address his issues.

In summary, the court intervened in a family dispute involving substance abuse and threats of self-harm, emphasizing counseling and behavior change as necessary steps for the young man involved.

Source - the standard