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Zim woman collapses & dies during Agape church service in Scotland

by Staff Reporter
03 Mar 2014 at 13:42hrs | Views

Tragedy has struck the embattled Agape church in Scotland after a woman collapsed and died just before giving a testimony.

She is said to have been in her late 30s and in a press release to officially announce her death, she was identified as Attache Cathy Chigavazira from Glasgow Satellite and Outreach Coordinator.

She was in charge of all merchandise the church and sold including T shirts and overalls.

The cause of her death has not yet been established. Apparently she was scheduled to testify on how some time a few weeks ago, she left hospital without being discharged because it is alleged Archbishop Walter Masocha had prophesied on her healing outside hospital as doctors had failed to establish the cause of her illness.

Meanwhile many Zimbabweans who know her and especially those from Agape church say the deceased Cathy Chigavazira posted a rather offensive posting predicting ex Agape member and blogger Jean Gasho's death.

The alleged Facebook posting reads: Its like a viral infection, so she blogs,and blogs and blogs and blogs ....but alas ! day ...just one day and then dhii(I mean falling ) with a heavy thud and great will be that fall. 6 February at 1:04am

Jean Gasho accused Archbishop Walter Masocha of sexual assault and he is currently on bail.

The church is going through a turbulent time and apparently hundreds of members are defecting.


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