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Kwekwe man murders wife, stepdaughter and commits suicide

by Munyaradzi Musiiwa
30 Dec 2015 at 07:48hrs | Views
A Kwekwe man who could not stomach his wife's infidelity ran amok and butchered her and his stepdaughter with an axe after he caught the wife with another man in their matrimonial bedroom before hanging himself on a tree, police have confirmed.

The incident occurred on Monday when Lazarus Dube (37), employed as a security guard by Mild Engineering, Besmar Street, Kwekwe, struck his wife Lucy Keyi and stepdaughter Mary Dube (18) on their foreheads with an axe after he allegedly caught his wife having sex with another man.

Midlands Police spokesperson confirmed the incident and said Lazarus committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree about 500 metres from his house.

He said on the fateful day Keyi was at home with Mary when Lazarus confronted her over allegations of infidelity before axing the two following a heated argument.

"I can confirm that police are investigating a case of murder and sudden death where a male adult aged 37 from Kwekwe murdered his wife and stepdaughter by axing them following a misunderstanding over infidelity.

"Police attended the scene and found the two bodies in the house and Lazarus was found hanging in a nearby bush," he said.

Sources said Lazarus found Keyi having sexual intercourse with another man in their bed and confronted her.

It is alleged that Lazarus took an axe and struck Keyi thrice on the forehead before attacking Mary. He struck Mary on the left side of her head using the same weapon.

The two died instantly.

"After committing the crime, Lazarus went on to commit suicide by hanging himself on a tree in a nearby bush behind Simba Beer Breweries about 500 metres from his house.

"Mary and Keyi's bodies were found in the living room in a pool of blood. After a thorough search by the police, Lazarus' body was found hanging from a tree," said police.

The bodies were taken to Kwekwe District Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

Meanwhile, a Harare man who used a brick to bash his wife after she reprimanded him for shouting at their children was yesterday sentenced to one year in jail.

Robson Haisa (39) was sentenced to 15 months behind bars by magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo. However, three months were suspended for five years on condition Haisa does not commit a similar offence during that period.

In assessing the sentence, Mr Mapfumo considered that Haisa was a first offender who had not wasted the courts' time by pleading guilty.

However, against him was thae fact that he had assaulted his wife for no good reason and his behaviour was deplorable.

Circumstances are that on Christmas Eve, Noleen Nyambuya returned from town and found Haisa shouting at their children.

Upon enquiring why, Haisa responded by picking up a brick which he used to assault Nyambuya.

She sustained a deep cut on the face.

Another wife basher escaped a custodial sentence and was fined $150 by the same magistrate.

Malvern Kutyauripo (29) bit his wife's finger accusing her of sleeping out on Christmas Day.

In addition, Mr Mapfumo coupled the fine sentence with a wholly suspended one-month prison term.

He also said although not much harm was done, Kutyauripo's behaviour was unacceptable and he had to be punished for it.

Facts are that Kutyauripo assaulted his wife after he suspected that she had slept out on Christmas Day since he was on night duty.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Kutyauripo's arrest.
Source - Herald