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Mugabe, a visitor in his country- MDC official

by Stephen Jakes
24 Jan 2016 at 09:35hrs | Views
President Robert Mugabe leaves the country today to Addis Ababa  Ethiopia for the African Union summit hardly two days after he arrived from his annual leave he spent in the far East amid concerns by some sections of the political divided that he continues to be a visitor in his country as he spends most of his time traveling across the world.

Mugabe will be handing over the AU reigns to another African leaders during this summit.

MDC official Discent Collins Bajila said given the fact that Mugabe arrived in Zimbabwe on Friday evening and is most likely to be leaving between this week for the AU Ordinary Summit in Addis Ababa wouldn't it have been appropriate for those who reported about his return to headline their stories " Mugabe visits Zimbabwe "?

" I am just asking," he said.

Mugabe since 2013 when  he was re-elected into office has embarked into numerous trips which are blamed for gobbling much of the state funds that the seriously needed services and goods.

Source - Byo24News