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Clerics set to launch #MyZimbabwePrayer

by Staff reporter
08 Aug 2016 at 07:13hrs | Views

A UNION of church leaders under the #MyZimbabwePrayer banner is inviting clerics to die official launch of the campaign at the Rainbow Towers on Wednesday.

The holistic convocation which is scheduled between loam and 1pm, is a call for church leaders to pray for the nation, Government and President Mugabe.

Reverend Sam Malunga of the Tehila Christian Network, who is also a co-chairperson of the #MyZimbabwePrayer initiative, urged all church leaders to attend the launch and gather to reverse stunts taken by pseudo clerics in detracting the nation.

"#MyZimbabwePrayer is a clarion call to clerics and religious technocrats to respond to a holistic convocation and gathering of church leaders for the sole purpose to pray for the nation, Government, Cabinet, Parliament and President Mugabe and the First Lady," he said.

He also said the #MyZimbabwePrayer is meant to reverse the stunts taken by negative, retrogressive and pseudo clerics who do not believe in their own country and who do not take heed of biblical principles and oracles to give spiritual guidance to the Government.

"I call upon Zimbabweans to be aware of pseudo clerics who are on a rampage being used by national detractors to advance the western agenda at the expense of misleading and misguiding Zimbabweans against their legacy.

"I believe it is time for Zimbabweans to jealously guard their sovereignty and independence particularly at this time when we commemorate the Heroes Day holiday," he said.

Rev Malunga also admonished Zimbabweans to celebrate the Heroes Day with pride, remembering the contribution and sacrificial experience of fallen heroes and those living under the leader-ship of the icon and embodiment of Zimbabwe's revolution, President Mugabe.

"I subscribe to the stance by the President that clerics who feel that their duty is to perpetuate the agenda of national detractors should go and be part of the detractors and not be part of Zimbabwe.

"I strongly believe that every nation has its own fair share of problems and the West should not project the situation and challenges of Zimbabwe as if there are unique to the world.

"I urge Zimbabweans not to be triggered or to divert and to be misled from the priority of nation building to rebellion," he said.

He also applauded President Mugabe for being a pacesetter, perfect model and a moral campus for the nation.

"Zimbabweans should emulate His Excellency not only for being a political leader, but also for being a champion of moral value alongside his wife (Amai Grace Mugabe), a powerful and astute leader, exemplified by her noble activities in talking care of orphans,9 said Rev Malunga.


Source - the herald