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Seven Motivational Lessons From Mamelodi Sundowns (Part 2)

by Mthokozisi Gwizi
24 Oct 2016 at 06:29hrs | Views
The outstanding achievements by Mamelodi Sundowns cannot be ignored. They conquered in Africa against all odds. Here are some of the inspirational lessons we learnt from their glory.

1. You Can Be A Zero Here But A Hero Over There!
The coach of this successful team was dumped from coaching the national team. The majority of people saw him as a great failure. However he turned the tables and became the hero from zero after bringing the trophy home, with his team crowned the best in Africa. The fact that others despised your potential and capability doesn't mean you cannot be valuable to others. Don't mind those who rejected you as a zero, be a hero where you are celebrated. Psalm 118," The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone"

2. Press On In Your Advantage, To Lessen The Pressure In Your Adversity.

Mamelodi Sundowns were wise enough to demolish their opponents in their home ground. They understood that it was going to tough when they go to play the same opponents away from home. It is tough in Egypt, I suggest you take advantage of your home ground to ease the pressure away from home. Whatever advantage you may be having now, grab it, it won't be easy in Egypt. To all youths, maximize your freedom (home ground advantage) now to achieve your dreams, there shall come a time when you are a family man/woman and various responsibilities will make it tough for you to achieve what you could have done when you were still not under pressure( home ground). Wherever you are now, maximize your moments, there shall come a time when you will not have the same opportunities which you have now! Demolish your Zamalek now, it may very tough in Egypt.

3. There Are Lasers In Egypt
Sundowns players got a rude awakening when the fans of Zamalek attempted to distract them with lasers. Lasers or no lasers true champions bring the trophy home. There is no point of using adversity as an excuse for your failure, that's very irrelevant. I am yet you see a single truly successful person who did not overcome any adversity. "If you fail in the day your adversity, then it means your strength is very small". (Proverbs 24:10). Go and bring the trophy home in the midst of all unfair lasers targeting your eyes.

4. Have A Strong Reserve Goalkeeper
After the injury of their first choice goalkeeper, Sundowns didn't panic because they have a dependable reserve goalkeeper. There are too many one-man-shows in different organizations; too much dependence of one person. This leads to crisis when that fellow is not around. Whether you are choir leader, preacher, manager, CEO, or whatever leadership responsibility or skills you may be having, you need to groom a good backup. The show should still go on when you are injured.

5. The Death Threats Just Before Your Moments Of Glory.
Sundowns players received death threats in their final match where they were crowned as the champions of Africa. That's always the case. The battle is always most tense few moments from your crowning moments. Whatever God has called you do, you will sooner or later discover that when you are closest to your breakthrough, the battle will become toughest. The tree is always hardest to cut when you are cutting the central part of the tree trunk, don't be fooled by that tough part, that's when the tree is closest to falling! "Most of life's failures are people who never knew how close they were to their outstanding success when they gave up"

6. Crowned After Humilation.
Even the greatest heroes experience major setbacks, but they always make some marvelous comebacks from all malicious setbacks. Mamelodi Sundowns were humiliated by 3 goals to nil by a local football team a few weeks before their crowning moments. Most players and coaches would have surely panicked and lost self-confidence after this humiliating encounter. However Sundowns remained very upbeat and focused. It's not over until it's over, and God won't say it's over until you have crossed over!

7. Team Work.
Although Sundowns had outstanding players by the likes of Khama Billiat, the team work was their greatest weapon. Team work beats individual brilliance any time! "When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion!" Enough said Mthokozisi Gwizi is a preacher, motivational speaker and author. He has several life changing motivational whatsaap groups with thousands of people, which are managed by many administrators.

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