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War Vets $500,000 demands false, malicious, says Mutsvangwa

by Khuluma Afrika
16 Nov 2016 at 11:09hrs | Views
Harare - Reports in local and social media stating that the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans association was demanding pay outs of $500,000 United States Dollars, among a plethora of other things are categorically false, misleading, and malicious, Khuluma Afrika has learnt.

Earlier yesterday it was reported that War Veterans, at a crunch meeting government had demanded $500,000 usd each, free education for their children, free healthcare for their children, and exemption from paying city council rates on urban land, as well as free farming land.

However, at the particular meeting where such demands were thought to have been officially aired, it has been revealed that such issues were never raised at any particular point. The unedited minutes of the meeting show the concerns / such demands were never uttered at any single point.

The dossier released, summarising the meeting, before the reports were published, show that such an issue was never discussed at any particular given point and time.

Speaking to Khuluma Afrika's contributing co-Editor, Maynard Manyowa, the Chairman of the ZNLWA, Christopher Mutsvangwa rubbished the claims.

Mutsvangwa expressed total disgust at the reports, and stated that they were and at worst shamelessly malicious.

Mutsvangwa stated that the genuine war veterans are fully aware of parlous state of the economy.
"The systematic destruction of the Zim economy is the diabolic handiwork of the G40 all done paint the revolutionary project we initiated as the Soweto generation of 1970s."

"Their evil and mendacious agenda being to depict Africans as inane and indigent failures in modern national economic endeavour. But the same token bolstering the mantra of post-imperial fiduciary clutch hold of our bountiful resources."

"This desperate G40 smear will inexorably come to nought as the fate of their other machinations.
"We are fully aware of the desperate plight of our people. We therefore will never place any new burdens on an empty fiscus."

"Rather we are bent on clearing the political deck of G40 malfeasance. Thereafter we engage domestic and global capital markets to recover and rebuild the national economy through furnishing an optimal entrepreneurial environment. We will pull all stops to ensure we attract FDI to sweat our mining and agro-industrial potential. This will beget rewarding jobs to a generation that has been cruelly shortchanged by G40 clueless custody of national economic activity."

The leader of the veterans added that the veterans were determined to safeguard the country's ushering into a new era of development.

"ZNLWA wants to ensure the zimbabweans populace at home and abroad that the country is on threshold of a new era of long term sustained prosperity once we are rid of G40 political menace. Being perennial optimists, war veterans promise you a headlong dash to First World economic status that even Singapore shall envy."

"These other reports are categorically false and we frown upon them with all contempt. Patent lies. We remind you that we war veterans are the custodians of revolution. We are also the moral compass of the nation. It is clear the revolutionary party has lost its way largely because of G40 interference"

Mutsvangwa added that the veterans had zero tolerance to corruption, and they wanted the cancer to stop.

"Corruption is the scourge that is destroying the country. This is what we want to stop. The impending revelations of the rapacity of G40 depredations of Jonso and Kasukuwere will turn the likes of the Bokassas and Mobutus into mere minions in kleptocratic plunder. G40 are on a scale of their own"

The leader added on the record that the reports must be dismissed with contempt. He urged the public to disregard such lies, and pay credence only to official communication.

"Please accord no credence whatsoever to this smear campaign. I am the chairman. I am only one who can speak on authority. That is disgusting gutter journalism at its worst."

The leader of the veterans also added that the war veteran quoted in the reports is a well known member and sympathiser of G40.

"The quoted Marashwa is a G40 agent provocateur"

Documents availed to Khuluma Afrika also affirmed the statements uttered by Chris Mutsvangwa, while several other insiders in the association, as well as attendees of the meeting stated the very same thing - the reports are all fibs.