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Reaction to Chombo's 'Gukurahundi non-issue' response

by Mbuso Fuzwayo, Ibhetshu Lika Zulu
04 May 2017 at 10:41hrs | Views
Ibhetshu LikaZulu is saddened though not shocked by the unfortunate response by the Minister of Home Affairs that Gukarahundi is non-issue in response to the question by hon. Khuphe.

His statement are a confirmation of our views that Zanu pf remains unrepentant and see nothinh wrong with butchering over 20 000 if our people and that Zanu pf government will never create a conducive platform for true national healing and reconciliation for the victims of Gukurahundi to find closure and the nations to find long lasting peace and reconciliation.

Apart fron being a senior minister in the government Chombo is a senior politburo member and Zanu pf secretary for administrations which removes all doubt that his unfortunate and contemptous statement are a long herd Zanu pf position.

These revealing statements must surely an eye opener to the victims of Gukurahundi that are among the zanu pf structures that this hyena they are riding is remains untamed and still unrepented of its past sins against them.

These statements to us reveals that Mphokos efforts and statements on Gukurahundi are exercise in futulit and that how weak is his position in the party and government, thus any expectation that he will be able to work towards creation of a reconciled state is nothing but a joke in bad taste.

We wish to put is to the perpetrator that today they may run but never will they hide, we will soon catch up with them as what is happening all over with those that are responsible for genocide. To the peace loving survivors we say its always darker before dawn.

Mbuso Fuzwayo

Ibhetshu Lika Zulu

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Source - Mbuso Fuzwayo