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Magagula cannot speak on MLF's behalf, he was fired 2 yrs ago

by Nyoni Chrispen
02 Mar 2018 at 20:02hrs | Views
In the wake of new developments taking shape with regards to the Khumalo Kingship Issue, there surfaces so many people writing whatever they believe, either in support or in rejection of any of the 3 people who have come forth, to take up the Kingship throne that has been without an incumbent for a long time.

While that issue has divided Mthwakazi nation so badly, it is of paramount gesture in modern life to see a people discuss the Kingship issue so robustly.

Having seen and read something posted by Stephen Jakes, about MLF supporting bulelani and his coronnation, it is with great regret that that is not a position coming from MLF.

it is important to make the public aware that, David Magagula ceased to be an MLF member since may 2016.

he was fired and is not a member of the movement.

for the record, we advocate for nothing other than the total restoration of Mthwakazi and as such, the SRK pronounced route stands true to what forms the foundation of what we are working towards.

MLF has nothing against him and the views expressed about his will to partake in Mthwakazi issues.

By Nyoni Chrispen
MLF Information and Publicity
0027 78 730 7538

Source - Nyoni Chrispen