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ZAPU RSA provincial press statement on the province's roadmap to provincial conference and national congress

by Cde Godfrey Viki
06 Oct 2020 at 13:20hrs | Views
Zimbabwe African People's Union South Africa Provincial leadership Council sat on 04 October 2020 to take stock of the progress that has been made and the shortfalls that still need to be covered.

The venue was none other than the Booysens hotel. The house that brings out the electrifying spirits of the Comrades. It is those memories of the past activities that came into the minds of the Comrades as they gathered to account themselves to the Mother of the revolution of the people of Zimbabwe as a whole. It was Booysens hotel that hosted ZAPU meetings soon after the bull broke off from the bondage of the Unity Accord which the military regime of Zimbabwe ZANU would like to cherish and hold on to it even if the other partner has disengaged.

We understand why.
Associating themselves with ZAPU makes the cowards and people's independence thieves feel like heroes and heroines of our great land Zimbabwe.

The meeting was graced by the full PEC and delegates comprised of the leadership of branches. The veterans of the struggle of independence for the people of Zimbabwe,  the Zimbabwean African People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) leadership was never going to be left out. The Zimbabwe African Women's Union (ZAWU) and the Master Plan itself, that is the ZAPU Youth Front leadership was also in attendance.
Our South African Comrades in struggle for freedom and independence of the two countries had a delegate who came to give words of support and encouragement to the party.

The delegates went down into business after the singing of songs of the struggle led by the ZIPRA veteran Guduza. Those who are wondering about who is Guduza, he is none other than the Father Zimbabwe's personal former driver.
He took the house in a military style that saw the house in full swing with toyi toyi and jubilations followed by emotions that one could read from a distance that the house is ready to mobilize and engage the military regime in whatever level at whatever cost.

The freedom of the people of Zimbabwe is nearing. The bull is charging. Ayesaba amagwala aya le lale kube kanti indaba iqondile. The issue is the freedom of the people of Zimbabwe and only ZAPU can bring that freedom as ZAPU brought the independence of the people of Zimbabwe, only to be stolen at birth by mass murderers.

ZAPU has traveled that thorny journey before and ZAPU is ready to travel it again. Sons and daughters of Zimbabwe join hands with ZAPU and help cement your freedom.

The delegates noted that most of the work has already been done. The major achievement that the leadership reported was the breakthrough in Western Cape where ZAPU has finally managed to establish 3 branches consisting of 150 members each. And one District consisting of 3 branches.
Branches are Strand Branch, Khayelitsha Branch and De Doorns Branch.

The District Executive Committee came out as follows;
Chairperson - Felistus Chipandara
Vice Chairperson  -David  Mapaire
Secretary for Administration - Never Moyo
Secretary for Organization and Mobilization - Mutorani Basani
Treasurer - Precious Gora
Secretary for Security- Levison Matasva
Secretary for Education, Health and Welfare- Isrom Nyangeni
Secretary for Development-  Obvious Pachena
Committee member 1. - Richard Zinatsa
Committee member 2. -Terrence Ushe
Youth Rep. – Makhosi Sibanda
ZAWU Rep. – Mrs. Farai Chakadenga

Zimbabwe African People's Union as a political party, left tribalism to the politically bankrupt people. We all saw them promoting tribalism in our Motherland, they murdered all the visionary people who were against their agenda. We all know the outcome of their barbaric  work. Its mass  graves and no economy left for the existing citizens to feed and prosper on. The unborn  ones will only inherit nothing but mass debts.
We as ZAPU will never dare emulate them. They are a face of hunger, poverty and mass human sufferings. ZAPU has always been a giant that cuts across all the tribes of Zimbabwe and all the members are equal stakeholders of ZAPU, so shall they be treated as such.
ZAPU's mandate is to provide ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by the people of Zimbabwe regardless of tribe, race, religious beliefs etc.

The delegates then noted that there were some few old districts and branches that still needed to conduct their policy and elective conferences.
Hence the following program was tabled;

Pretoria Branch 10 Oct  2020  Time 11:00hrs
Bramley Branch 10 Oct 2020   Time 11:00hrs
Roodepoort Branch 11 Oct  2020  Time 10:00hrs
Johannesburg Branch 11 Oct  2020  Time 11:00hrs

Western Cape 18 Sept  2020  Time 14:00hrs done.
Thenjiwe V. Lesabe 18 Oct  2020   Time  18:00hrs
Ackim Ndlovu 24 Oct 2020   Time   11:00hrs
Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo  01 Nov 2020  Time 11:00hrs

Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo School of Ideology is entrusted with running a Leadership Development Program on 25 October 2020 as from 09:00hrs to 15:00hrs

This is done as to indoctrinate the members about ZAPU and how they must conduct themselves as faces and voices of the organisation. Members need to know their party just like they know the palm of their hands.
Abantu – Yithi

The Provincial Treasury department will soon embark on a journey of conducting Financial Auditing with the province in preparation of the national auditing team that is going to descend to provinces.
The province is professionally run by the leadership and ZAPU being a professional organization, auditing is necessary and a lifestyle of ZAPU.
Transparency and accountability is all what ZAPU is made of. It is what ZAPU desires to implement in Zimbabwe once we assume power. Where there is no transparency and accountability corruption becomes the order of the day. Looting of the public resources is unavoidable. We have all seen how the government of ZANU PF grounded the economy of Zimbabwe regardless of all the natural resources we have. Our local municipalities are not spared either. People of Zimbabwe have no running water as we speak.
ZAPU has always been the answer and is still the answer. Only responsible citizens join and work with ZAPU.
Wherever you are as long as you are a Zimbabwean contact us on +27 76 146 1509 and we will direct you to your nearest ZAPU branch, for being a ZAPU member gives one a hope of a better future.

Take a full responsibility for your life and the lives of those who are closer to you. Working together corona virus and ZANU can be defeated.
Bright future lies ahead of us. But it is only for those who seek it.

Issued from the desk of
The Secretary for Information, Marketing and Publicity

Cde Godfrey Viki
Contact numbers: +27 76 146 1509
Email address:

Source - Cde Godfrey Viki

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