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Lookout Mafela Masuku is our hero, source of inspiration,dedication and hope - MLF

by MLF
06 Apr 2016 at 16:40hrs | Views
 Its as fresh as if it happened yesterday to us in the struggle for Matabeleland (Mthwakazi, that we bade, in rivers of tears, our last salute and farewell, to our brother, leader, commander and mentor- Lt General Lookout Sikhalisa Mafela Masuku.

It is indeed 20 very painful years that all Mthwakazi people have lived under torture, marginalisation and outright hate and endure this to this day. We did and still do not expect any mercy from the enemies who killed you Masuku, raped our grand mothers, mothers, sisters and children including babies. We do not expect and we have not received any development from people who failed to recognise your contribution in the fight for liberation of the binary state of Zimbabwe. We are however, happy that your Spirit has worked havoc in the enemy camp that killed you and they are now in splinters that are yet to increase.

MLF recognises You as an unwavering protector. Of the vulnerable, defender of the defenseless and mentor to all to be born after you in Mthwakazi. Your name is exalted high and you are in the same league with DEFENDERS OF MTHWAKAZI INTEGRITY (Mzilikazi, Mkhaliphi, Mkhithika) Chief Khayisa Ndiweni, Mabhena(governor), Sydney Malunga, Mgandane Dlodlo and we promise to fulfill your desire of your entire life-the total emancipation of our nation-Mthwakazi. The enemies who took away your precious life are known to us-some have died of over looting and over eating while others wallow, groan, nash their false teeth in the hope their are called to heaven, but alas, The Mighty God long forsook them-and they live to re-live all the memories of people they have murdered over and over again.

As MLF we extend a hearty welcome to DR DD(HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT OF ZAPU for delivering such comforting yet very painful,true words during the Memorial Lecture of our mentor. We salute you. We also extend our gratitude to our comrades in struggle-Ibhetshu lika Zulu for organising the event. Such events unite us all Mthwakazi, inside our colonised country and abroad where some of us sought refuge.
Vuka Mthwakazi!

Source - MLF