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Gun wielding CIOs raid Paul Siwela's home again

by Israel Dube
28 Aug 2016 at 07:53hrs | Views
Sad news reaching MLO is that On Saturday morning 27 August 2016 heavily  armed members of Zimbabwe Republic Police Law and  Order section and  Zimbabwe s Central Intelligence  Organisations descended at number 18 Fourth  Avenue Woodville Bulawayo, the home of Cde Paul Siwela for the umpteenth time.

The gun totting bunch arrived at Cde Siwela's home around 10:00 Yesterday morning driving a green Land Rover, Defender, without registration numbers and found his daughter who was home at the time.

They demanded to know where Cde Paul Siwela was and when she explained that he never came back since he left in 2013, they got angry and became more hostile in their interrogation. They started to falsely accuse the family of not reporting Cde Paul Siwela's presence at his mother's funeral and leaking their previous raids of the house to the media.      

After threatening and ordering that their raids must be kept secret they proceeded to ransack the house without a search warrant.

MLO Supreme Council  is greatly disturbed by these incessant unannounced and illegal visits that violate Cde Siwela family peace  more so during their time of mourning the loss of Cde Siwela' s mother.

Surprisingly they were asking   Cde Siwela's family why they did not report his presence during the funeral yet they were there through out the funeral wake and burial.

Can the Zimbabwe authorities tell us which law in their country says that if an individual is accused of treason, his children or family must suffer the consequences and why it only applies to Cde Paul Siwela and Matebeles?

The apartheid system of Zimbabwe breaks its own laws to punish or even kill innocent Matebeles .

In 2008 MDC T President, Morgan Tsvangirai, fearing for his life, found refuge at the Dutch Embassy and Botswana. His house was not raided and his family not harassed.

Joyce Mujuru was accused of plotting to   assassinate President Robert Mugabe using hired hitman and witch doctors from Nigeria. Besides the government of Zimbabwe having evidence that Nicholus Goche went as far as South Africa and Israel looking for experienced assassins to bring down President Mugabe , both Joyce Mujuru and Nicholus Goche were not charged let alone questioned and their families were not touched.

War vets leaders, Victor Matemandanda and Douglas Mahiya were accused of writing a treasonous communique but they were given a lenient charge of undermining the authority of the president. And again no one touched their families.

Morgan Tsvangirai and Joyce Mujuru are walking free and continue to lead violent ant- government mobs that are burning police vehicles, looting and burning shops. We wonder what was going to happen if Cde Paul Siwela was the one leading those violent mobs!

Why is the government of Zimbabwe after Cde Paul Siwela's life and tormenting his family even at funerals? One thing clear is that, the government of Zimbabwe treats Shonas differently from Matebeles.

MLO Supreme Council demands that the humiliation, persecution and harassment of Cde Paul Siwela, his family and Matebeles at large must stop here and now. We wonder if it is still application of law or declaration of war. If it is indeed, declaration of war the government of Zimbabwe must inform us so that we prepare ourselves for the battle.

We wish to inform and advise the government of Zimbabwe that MLO Supreme Council and entire membership stands shoulder to shoulder with cde Paul Siwela in his demands for the restoration of Matebeleland Statehood and  that this demand must be effected by 2018 without fail.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs    

Source - Israel Dube