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MRP disturbed by chaos at Beitbridge

by Stephen Jakes
24 Jul 2018 at 07:35hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said it is greatly disturbed and concerned about what is happening at the Beitbridge Border Post to our people.

"As MY we will not fold our hands and watch our people being treated in this barbaric way," said the party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo.

"Mthwakazians live and work in south Africa . We support our families through hard work and sweat then we send our families food and basic essentials for their upkeep. It is within our anger we are vilified, made to suffer by these shona supremecist colonizers! Its really insane for our cross border taxi drivers sending such important life saving essentials to be denied entry into MTHWAKAZI REPUBLIC."

"We understand they are being shot at, beaten with whips snd victimized by cruel colonialist Zimbabwean state agencies in our Mthwakazi borders.

Enough is Enough. We are watching with keen eyes and interest in those developments happening within Mthwakazi territory , if Zimbabwe continues to push our patience relentlessly we will be forced to act and protect our people by fighting these injustices inflicted by colonisers from Mashonaland-zimbagwe!"

"I call upon our cross border drivers and traders to join hands with us in fighting these Shona colonizers . MTHWAKAZI belongs to us Mthwakazians. Let us not allow Shonas to bully us in our territories. Let's protect and shield our people from shona colonisation who are ruling us by conquest and impunity!"

Source - Byo24News