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MRP blasts Mangwana over devolution remarks

by Stephen Jakes
04 Oct 2018 at 19:20hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party president Mqondisi Moyo has blasted Zanu Pf secretafy for legal affairs paul Mangwana following his remarks that devolution is not foe Matabeleland alone. " We read with utmost disgust, the purported allegations made by one clown, a ZANU PF secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana that Devolution was not a Matabeleland issue and that it is being spread by secessionist Mthwakazi Restoration Movement in a bid to curve the country into tribal fiefdoms" He said.

"We would like to put it to him that tribalism was a creation of ZANU PF in 1963, not us. It was then further implemented through the 1979 grand plan by both Zanu PF and her sister party MDC.

It is a fallacy and grand standing of the highest order for Mangwana to claim that Zimbabwe including Matabeleland is a unitary state. It is only on paper that Mashonaland and Matabeleland are one country. If we were one country as purported by Mangwana, why did the Gukurahundi genocide only target Mthwakazi and not the whole of Zimbabwe? Why were the Shona and the North Korean trained 5th brigade killing Mthwakazi people, looting and destroying everything in Matabeleland only?."

He said Mangwana and his party should know that we don't even appreciate the kind of Devolution of power provided in the Constitution in it's current form. 'We only supported the idea as it seem to be a temporary relief for the suffering masses out there who continue losing jobs and business opportunities on daily basis to people from Harare.

The people of Zimbabwe together with those of Matabeleland demand the implementation of Devolution of power as soon as possible, to boost development in marginalized areas like Matabeleland. This advocacy has, in the past days been spearheaded by 66 Matabeleland civic society organizations.

This clown by the name Mangwana, who tried to file papers in court on a holiday does not in anyway surprise us by being shallow minded, that he has even forgotten that it's the majority who voted for that constitution to be in place, way before the formation of MRP.

Mangwana thinks he is making us favour, disregarding the fact that its our constitutional right to enjoy our God given resources.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the plans by the Junta to try and destroy the Mthwakazi people's revolutionary party. We are aware that there is a spirited effort to intimidate influential individuals and organizations in Matabeleland to dissociate themselves from the people's movement. We are also aware that we are being targeted for arrests, persecution, assassination and so on. But we are determined the people's revolutionary party will not die" he said.

He said of late they have been observing the sudden interest by state media in their activities, also have noticed a number of Zanu PF bigwings threatening us, prior and post July elections where Zanu PF rigged us so as to portray us as being rejected by our own people together with their noble cause.

"All this we have kept it in our records. There has been an upsurge of people writing about us in pseudo names while distorting our party and the history of this country and trying to rewrite the history. In all this we remain resolutely in defense of Mthwakazi Nationwood. We are happy that as a party we know Zanu PF is feeling our presence hence their propaganda against us" he said.

Source - Byo24News