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WATCH: Chiwenga blasts Makandiwa over 'mark of the devil' vaccine

by Ndou Paul
28 Mar 2021 at 12:23hrs | Views
Apostle Talent Chiwenga has blasted UFIC leader prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for going silent after allegedly perpetuating conspiracy theories of the Chinese vaccine through allusions of the mark of the beast.

Chiwenga questioned why Makandiwa went silent on his move of   vaccine rejection saying  God will protect his people.

"And now this guy(Makandiwa) who was crying like a toddler that Zimbabweans should  not be vaccinated, the vaccine came he is now quiet like somebody who has become suddenly dump he can't continue talking about it they will shut him in prison," Chiwenga said.

"Talk today Manu about vaccine is the mark is be beast, he is quiet and afraid of getting arrest, Makandiwa if you are a real man  God  and want to denounce the vaccine this is the right time to denounce it coz it is now in the country," he laughed

He further took a dig at Makandiwa saying if he is a man of God with a revelation he should not be afraid of the l authorities.

Chiwenga further claims that he told the government to arrest Makandiwa if he preaches against the vaccine because he is a lier.

In one of his rants about the vaccine, Prophet Makandiwa once said, "We want to see the test subject 10 years after vaccination before it is given to people. Have they created that place that the person gets in for five (5) minutes representative of five (5) years? How are you going to manipulate the process so as to monitor the behaviour of the subject after vaccination?  So don't tell me that there is going to be a vigorous test of vaccines, is there a place?

"We want to see the subject first because you can't tell me that you administer the vaccine to one person today and the following day, you say it's safe for use by everyone. The problem now is that when people begin to see the darker side of this thing, it will be too late. By the time you realise that you have put the wrong thing into people's bodies, what you are going to need to neutralise the vaccines and to recreate the DNA that you would have distorted and to restore the pattern that you would have tampered with in the human body. Some may say I want to discourage people from receiving the only solution. Who said it's the only solution? I asked this question last time, the virus has changed so many times and we are still holding onto the vaccine that was created for the first virus.

"No one is explaining that. You must understand that these people are very cunning. Don't believe these world leaders that are being vaccinated on television; that is not your vaccine. That is not even a vaccine, that's a lie! Our leaders are not like Jesus, they are never ready to die for people. You rather all die so that they can live. They can't be the first ones to receive this thing, why should you be deceived."

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa rolled out the second phase of the vaccines after receiving his jab in Victoria Falls a move meant to promote preventive measures.

Source - Byo24News