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19 Sep 2016 at 07:17hrs | Views
QN "Several prophets had disciples" Describe the various roles played by the disciples of the prophets ?(25) (article 128)


 - The old testament prophets had disciples .U.S.A English dictionary define a disciple as an active follower. The disciples of prophets in old testament had different names ,this include sons of prophets, bands of prophets e.t.c
 - Samuel ~ sons of prophet
 - Elijah ~ sons of prophet/bands of prophets
 - Elisha ~ sons of prophet and servant "Gehazi"
 - Jeremiah ~ secretary "Baruch"
 - Isaiah ~ disciples

N.B Some of the 8th Century prophets had no disciples ,this is the reason why scholars like Von Rad regarded them as loners ,this include Amos a man with zeal .

The above disciples played a pivotal role this will be fully demonstrated on the ongoing article .

 - Samuel is believed to have instituted school of prophecy even though some scholars believe that this idea originated with Moses when he anointed the seventy elders in Numbers 11:22-26.The sons of prophets of Samuel played a pivotal role during the days of Samuel as they championed holy wars,this has been supported by B.W.Anderson who submitted that sons of prophets championed holy wars as they gave soldiers an emotional spirit at the same time a patriotic feeling ,this is the reason why they were always stationed around Philistine garrison. This can be supported by the direction of Samuel to Saul ,as he said "Go to Gibeathelohim" ,one can read 1st Samuel 10:5-7 for more information. Elisha with his sons of prophets ,they are well known of championing the battle between Syria and Israel,this is recorded in 2rd Kings 5.As such, this indicates that disciples of the above named prophets played a role of championing holy wars .

 - The disciples of Elisha specifically Gehazi ,is believed to have played a role of being a messenger, this is the reason why Elisha had to send him to Naaman ,all this it is recorded in 2rd Kings 5.Among the sons of prophets ,young man were also included ,they played a role of being the messengers ,this is evidenced when a young man who is unnamed but only named as a son of prophet in 2kings 9:1 was sent to anoint Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat .All this indicates that disciples of the prophets played a pivotal role to their seniors.

 - Isaiah of Jerusalem, the urbanite is believed to had disciples .The disciples of Isaiah , played a significant role .Some scholars like Anderson believe that they assisted their senior prophet in authoring the book ,sometimes they acted as messengers of God ,in other words they delivered the messages on behalf of a senior prophet. Micah the rural prophet is also believed to be one of the disciples of Isaiah, this can be supported by similar stylistic writing especially when Zion theology is concerned. The disciples of Isaiah they are recorded in Isaiah 8:16.Baruch is also believed to have been secretary who acted as an active follower of Jeremiah, Baruch played a role of documenting down the prophecies of Jeremiah ,this is recorded in Jeremiah 36:4.Sometimes the secretary acted as the messenger/spokesperson of Jeremiah, this can be supported by his words when the Judah kings and priests wanted to burn the scroll. Basing on the above information, it is clear that the followers of different prophets played a pivotal role .


~Show the roles of disciples of prophets.

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