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Pastor Evans Mawarire was ill-advised in the US

15 Mar 2017 at 11:48hrs | Views

It was a sad story to learn that a sober Man of God now aspires for State House through further scatter of the electorate by default. It was most sad that he has failed to acknowledge the opposition politics and civil society that took it upon itself to press for his freedom. He has openly disregarded this formidable force having miscalculated his freedom whirl-wind for personal energy and popularity or acknowledgement or influence. Mawarire seems to be very much unaware of the fact that MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, and his party, by geographical virtue, and civil society, dictated his freedom by spilling on the streets, courts and social media. Off-course with nation-wide moral support only because Mawarire's cause assumed the same heart beat as that of the opposition forces of year 2000. The opposition and civil society seized a great opportunity to further reiterate their cause with the Mawarire case as another trump-card.

#ThisFlag Movement would be greatly mistaken to miscalculate that swift public response for Mawarire's personal clout. Factually, in that instance, the case was more popular than Mawarire's face. No-one has such heart for Mawarire as a person, but Zimbabwe as a nation. The atrocity-weary Zimbabweans, psychological, physical and economic,  at this juncture, have paid more attention and, therefore, deployed all their energies and resources on the exodus from The Egyptian Pharaoh rather-than the prevailing and retrogressive unending numerous start-ups boiling to "zero" grade political progress.

The present political mood was hurried and speaks Grand Coalition led by the majority MDC-T despite the fact that Morgan Tsvangirai has displayed all his lameness as a leader. It was, actually, a blessing that Zimbabweans have known both camouflaged and the undressed Morgan Tsvangirai. All that the nation needed would be an "iron trousers with a metal zip with pad-lock" to ensure that women of all ages would be safe around State House and Munhumutapa Government Offices if Tsvangirai got the electoral nod into State House. The same weakness that gave the former First Lady, Sally Mugabe, sleepless nights with an errant bed-hopping President Robert Mugabe erotically chasing after multiple girls and married women of his grand-children's age, with his intimidatory job status that guaranteed him of a "one-way" out-come, (unlike that American-Girl, Monica Lewensky, in former American President, Bill Clinton's office who took-away the president' job for similar conduct), in the government enclave typing pool that could have led to her quick health depreciation, the breaking of two marriages and marriage of one of the affected office staffers, Mrs Grace Goreraza, now, Mugabe. Also known as "The First Shopper of Zimbabwe", both in good times and in perilous times. And the other adulterous woman, then married to a senior government official, being assisted to flee to London after the late Sally Mugabe had caught wind of The President's office sex escapades. And, off-course, Tsvangirai, like Joyce Mujuru, would need wisdom coverage in strategic engagements to make-up for both political and administrative ineptitude. He suffers from an acute deficiency in vision, mission and tact. Tsvangirai failed to act wisely, that was to say "seeing beyond self" by steping-down for a competent leader from within his party as a measure of national concern. This explains his party's multiple crippling splits. Joyce Mujuru performed dismally in her maiden strategic engagement with The London School of Economics to mark the occasion of The United Nations International Women's Day, there-by exposing Zimbabwe's "Free Degrees for Chefs" scandal thats had seen First Lady, Grace Mugabe, scooping a Doctorate from a historically myopic, institutional hoping, from England to China, and eventually, Levi Nyagura University of Zimbabwe Fake Doctorate,  academic record that sunk as low as 7 percent with a British institution. Mujuru's crippled responses to her British audience confirmed her to be, by far, below Doctorate material. Another case of Academic Masturbation at Dr. Hope Sadza's Zimbabwe Women's University where the illustrious qualification was obtained.

The most sane option for #This Flag Movement# Pastor would be to pool resources together as people and organisations did at his time of incarceration. Bring the social media power upon Zimbabwe's political status quo in favour of the existing political front for the envisaged greater and most profitable outcomes. The other most true story was that Mawarire would have no impact at all on the political marketplace as a presidential candidate. The multitudes of Zimbabwean majority remain too-too poor for the kind of campaign strategy Mawarire intends to reach-out to the electorate with. A limited number of people have access to social media such as face book, twitter, instagram and any others. No matter how dynamic that approach might be, the standing fact remains that the clergy man is riding on a wild and shallow market-base that would propel him no-where beyond the said twitter account. Mawarire would just achieve a most-minor disturbance in the political marketplace just to make-up the number of contestants. This decision, inevitably, would shed-off many of Mawarire sympathisers on his first cause. Just like the now highly depreciated and despised Joyce Mujuru. It was never a fact that on stepping upon the political lime-light, by hook or crook, one becomes a winning presidential candidate. That was grossly misinformed and, therefore, misdirected and cheap ambition. People rise by uplifting others against selfish ends. Surely there would be no justification as to the reason as to why Joyce Mujuru would so much bruise herself in the presidential aspirant battle after having spent a good 35 years at the top. She could have crafted a great states woman by backing-up new blood. One must never miss that golden and most rare opportunity to support and groom others. Ini-ini-ini-mina-mina-mina was an Old Stone Age approach.

Pastor Evans Mawarire has a moral obligation to acknowledge Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition forces and civil society for his favourable circumstances. Failure of which, God, who deployed all the named hands upon him, which he (Mawarire) has chosen to misinterpret for a presidential anointing for the presidency, would (God)  judge him harshly. No God would bless any political or electoral confusion at this hour in Zimbabwe. Only The Devil would contest the freedoms of the people of Zimbabwe through that undue confusion and lack of acknowledgement.

With Regards

Reginald Thabani Gola
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Source - Reginald Thabani Gola
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