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I warned misleaders about this, Cdes

by CZ
06 Apr 2017 at 06:23hrs | Views
Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, I notice that things are not looking very good for quite a number of you - including our national political commissar, Cde Tyson - as the people have decided that it is time to remind us, their leaders, that we are merely their servants.

I don't think any one of you can ever blame me for not coming to your defence - lest the fire catches onto my jacket as well - because I have warned time without number against taking people for granted.

I could not believe it when tens of thousands of people from Mashonaland Central thronged Bindura for massive protests against Cde Saviour and his brother Cde Dickson for all sorts of crimes that range from using the party constitution as toilet paper to setting up parallel structures with the treasonous intention to topple the party leadership, among others.

I saw it coming a long time ago. I remember very well taking Cde Saviour to task a few months ago about some mischief that he was indulging in and warning him that he should not take the people - especially the youth - for fools because his future depended squarely on these people.

So what is now happening to him is something that is not unexpected at all.

If I was half as crooked as most of you, I would not have retained the confidence and trust of the grassroots for this long because whatever we do as leaders, the people are watching and there is a limit beyond which they will not tolerate some of our mischief.

This is exactly what is happening to Cde Saviour and others. It is the same thing that has happened to many misleaders right from the time this great revolutionary party was formed more than half a century ago.

This is how even people like vanaSithole, vanaHamadziripi, vanaTekere vanaJoice and many others ended up dismissing themselves from the party.

The people had gotten fed-up with their abuse and decided to stand up and defend the values of the party, because the party has its values and will always be there, leaders come and go.

So there is nothing really out of the ordinary about what is happening to these outgoing leaders. It is something that always happens when leaders do not take advice from those of us who know that we are servants of the people, not their masters.

Now when things have reached the point they have, when the people have come out in the open to say enough is enough, who am I to try and firefight for you?

In the run-up to our December conference which we held in Masvingo, Cde Saviour and his brother were accused of coming up with a false provincial resolution, which sought to usurp the powers of the leadership and when this resolution was angrily rejected by the people, that is when they should have read the people's mood properly and stopped all their mischief.

Sadly, they did not learn anything from that and continued with their nefarious activities, which have finally brought their Waterloo.

Well, since their dossiers have been submitted to the leadership with recommendations, all we can do, as the leadership is to do what the people want.

We cannot tell the people who should lead them. Real leaders come from the people and it is that people that can also take away those leaders.

The habit of foisting leaders on the people has had disastrous consequences in the past. This is how bhora mudondo phenomenon came about, so as a leadership we can't afford risking this ahead of the crucial elections next year.

I hope this is a lesson to most of you. Let those who can, learn something from this.

Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely



As a former member of the ruling ZANU-PF party, Dr CZ is thoroughly impressed with what is taking place in his former party… especially the protests that are systematically culling the party of a lot of dead material.

Dr CZ cannot help it, but being especially impressed with the fact that it seems the end has finally come for the boisterous Saviour Kasukuwere, the Minister of Local Government who doubles up as the ZANU-PF national political commissar, who has since been officially labled a thug by his own people.

When we said this when the chap was bulldozing his way about opposition-controlled local authorities and disregarding court orders, those in the ruling party thought we were just being haters for the fun and pleasure of just being haters. Now here we are.

As the sages say, chinobhururuka chinomhara… whatever flies will eventually come to land. We just hope and pray that when Saviour crash-lands, he remains in one piece. Let whatever is happening not lead to us to knowing a lot more about some 50-bedroomed mansions in Harare, now that the official media has started telling us that there are some Zimbos who are enjoying the opulent lifestyle of the super-rich one percent of the world right here in Harare.

Otherwise what is happening is just very, very good! The only sad thing is that politicians never learn from those before them.

Harare man
Still on developments that give Dr CZ gleeful gratification, the attempted murder that took place last week in Joice Mujuru's party, which is tentatively named the National People's Party is not something that is really unexpected considering the motley that make up this so-called political party.

Since the incident took place last week, Dr CZ has been waiting for Mujuru's press conference, or just a simple statement, to make her position clear on violence of any shape and colour. Being a hapless woman that she is, maybe she also fears for her own safety if she dares condemn the very acts on which the party hopes to achieve its goals. Anyway, it looks like condemning violence has never been part of her own DNA right from the word go.

The reasons why the MDC-T and other opposition political parties were reluctant to go into the 2013 elections without electoral reforms having been made were pretty obvious to all commonsensical-thinking adults.

One Harare man (whom Dr CZ now has valid reasons to fear!) rushed to the Constitutional Court to precipitate an election in the name of rights. And the results of that flawed election are the disaster that this country is in today. And one only needs to hear that very same Harare man talking passionately about the importance of electoral reforms on the National Electoral Reforms Agenda (NERA) platform. This sorry apology for a country is really something else!

Good, but…
Last weekend, a group of Zimbos who were touched by a newspaper article on the plight of the mother to the late sungura maestro, Leonard Dembo, responded with a disarming outpouring of generosity. A party of more than 30 people in a convoy of several cars descended on the poor old woman's compound somewhere in the farms in Beatrice where they donated all sorts of goodies.

That was very, very good and highly commendable provided their motives were pure, as we would want to believe.

What got us so worried was the pompous way the acts of generosity were conducted and the way the old woman was displayed as if she was a monkey in a zoo.

In everything we do, God weights the motive… is it for His glory or for someone else's personal glory? If the motive is not right, that act — no matter how noble — is not different from any other sin that human beings commit against God.

The good book enjoins us in Proverbs 16:2 that: "All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, but the Lord weighs the motives."

It also goes on to say: "But when you do merciful deeds, don't let your left hand know what your right hand does," simply meaning our acts of generosity can only be sincerely so when we do not make song and dance of them.

If any of Dr CZ's many research assistants would randomly dig into the private lives of just a few of those two dozen-plus "philanthropists", we may be shocked to discover that their own grandparents or even parents are wallowing in situations worse than that of Ambuya Dembo, or that there are bloated child maintenance bills at the courts that are crying out to be settled.

This is the saddest reality about life. Most of us — Dr CZ naturally included — rather find pretentious lives more attractive to lead than living the reality.

Poverty of mind is worse than poverty of purse. Money is not a solution to poverty; the key is changing the way you think. If you give money to a poor man he goes on a shopping spree, but if you give money to a rich man he will invest it and enjoy the profit. It is better to have a US$10 bag with US$290 inside it than to have an empty bag worth US$300. It's not about what people think you have, it's about what you really have. Don't try to impress people, live within your means. Some people's lives are like a beautiful, but tight shoe, it looks good from outside, but it's painful from inside. Live within your means and fully utilise what you have to build your future. Change the way you think so that you can change the way you live.

Rich people are so because they live like poor people while poor people are poor because they live like rich people. Proverbs 20:21 says: "The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get."

Have a blessed day!

Source - fingaz
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