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Proof of residence or proof of rigging?

19 Apr 2017 at 16:51hrs | Views
Although it is not scientifically proven as many critics would want to argue, truth remains resolutely firm and an unwavering fact, that  people who hate you for being different and not living by society's standards, deep down wish they had the courage to do the same as you.

Right now, I am choosing to differ with Zec and all political parties on the issue of voter registration requirements, especially on the issue of proof of residence. To me, this is the first step of rigging because of the complications involved. If the chief or herd man is MDC, (which is most unlikely), and I am a known or suspected Zanu-PF supporter, he is going to make it difficult for me to get that document,  or worse still employ some barbaric tactics just to frustrate me. It is the same with the landlord, local councillor, MP,  or senator. Not to mention the attitude of our corrupt, pathetic and semi-literate law enforcing agents.

By the way, is it true that education is what is left after we have forgotten what we have learnt in school? I think it's false. Why? Because as Zimbabweans we have nothing to show of it that we once passed through those buildings the learned call schools.  Our disgusting ignorance and inability to recognize real issues at first glance is often nauseating. If we choose to ignore and accept such a condition then we are just pretending that we are educated in the fundamentals of voting rights, while in other words we are just playing partners in crime.

Wait a minute! Since I have chosen to publicly display my level of being uninformed and, lack of knowledge, like a young boy who is yet to get married, trying to teach white haired elders how to raise a child.  I need to be schooled on this one. Below is an excerpt of an advert trying to propagate voter education through social media as well as mainstream media.


Biometric voters registration will run from May 2017-December 2017. Registration will take 15 days per Province.

Voters will register in a specific Constituency at a specific Polling Station and in 2018 voters will Vote at that specific Polling Station they had registered.

Registration requirements are National Identity Card; Proof of residence in form of water; electricity; phone Bills in your name or a stamped affidavit signed by Police; local councillor; MP or Senator or a letter from a Headman or Chief in case of Rural areas.

Registration is open to any Zimbabwean citizen above 18 years of age.

Zimbabweans lets look for these requirements on time as last minute rushing will inconvenience us."

A part which arouse  curiosty most is the registration requirements that include National Identity Card; Proof of residence in form of water; electricity; phone Bills in your name or a stamped affidavit signed by Police; local councillor; MP or Senator or a letter from a Herdman or Chief in case of Rural areas.

Lo behold! Zimbabwe never ceases to amaze. So my National Identity Card is not a revelant document to necessitate me to register as a voter, unless if it's accompanied by some Earĺy Childhood Development (ECD) pattern, drawn on a piece of paper by an elderly man in the rural areas, which is called proof of residence without any consciousness of moral guilt? Lord have mercy !

Does it mean that my constitutional right to vote lies in the hands of this old man? Does it mean that whenever I produce my passport, ID or driver's licence, it should be accompanied by a stamped affidavit which states that I am a true Zimbabwean resident?

I am trying to extract logic from this illogical process. All the political parties who are signtories to National Electoral Reforms Agenda (NERA) seem to be expending their energies on far complicated issues while overlooking a clear restriction on Zimbabweans to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

A close look at the advert shows outright contradiction as it further states that registration is open to any Zimbabweans citizen above the age of 18. So you know I am Zimbabwean citizen, right ? Then why proof of residence? I thought the phrase " Zimbabwean citizen" is a statement pregnant with meaning, and there is no need for it to be backed by some useless document other than my ID, passport or driver's licence.  

Garikai Mafirakureva is a Zimbabwean Journalist an independent analyst and opinion writer. Feedback on You can follow him on twitter @garry4peace or Facebook Ras Garikai Mafirakureva Jnr

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