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When it comes to African dictators the African Union is a toothless bulldog

28 May 2017 at 12:11hrs | Views
Julius Malema the opposition leader of South Africa has made mistakes as a growing politician on the continent but his call on Mr. Robert Mugabe to retire immediately ought to be seen in the light of a smart shrewd rising African political leader.  The South African young but quick learning opposition leader, Mr.Julius  Malema has repeatedly called on Mr. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to retire from leadership with immediate effect.

Given that not so long ago Mr. Malema worshiped Mr. Mugabe it is commendable that such flexibility is encouraged when based on facts.The independence in thinking and in reserving his right of opinion on issues is impressing in spite of his weak past in grappling in both domestic and international politics. I have personally disagreed with him on some of his naive approaches, but such is a health position if we have to mature our perception on democracy, I believe.

Is it not strange, therefore, that Julius Malema is now the one speaking on the issue against the Presidents' overstaying in power while the rest of Africa is quiet. This spells who the African Union is and if she has any concern over thousands of Africans who daily are crossing the borders from one country to another in a quest for freedom from governments who are meant to shield and protect them.

While in, wild contrast, Donald Trump of America proposes the building of a wall between countries, Africa is silent on border issues as she is silent on the plight of many of her citizens who have become economic refugees on the continent and outside the continent. Not only is Julius Malema right in calling on overstayed Robert Mugabe retirement but Mr, Mugabe's age as a substantive executive president is an embarrassing fact for the African continent. His sense of spending is now mercenary irrespective of how people may regard his contributions to the country of Zimbabwe or the continent.

No leader in his right mind would lease a plane for over three million American dollars except he has a mercenary attitude and has a mentality of entitlement to personal ownership over a country.  Mr. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe no doubt, over time, has grown to regard himself as Zimbabwe. His connivance with military personnel in the country has given him too much power over all institutions of government making his dictatorship absolute over the country of Zimbabwe.

Inside the country, the efforts by inside dynamism to talk on the rejection of the electoral reforms by Zanu makes a lot of sense. Not only should there be talk against absence in electoral reforms, but that society must now move towards mass mobilization against Zanu resistance to change. Fate has it that Mr. Mugabe is intent on building an empire that circulates on his family and in particular his daughter Bona who aims to rise just as was done by Do Santos daughter of Angola the richest woman on the African continent if not among world top richest women.

Inevitably, Mr. Mugabe is carefree about Zimbabwe development having failed to run the country. He now has a unique habit of speaking all he wants at African Union meetings with the rest of Africa watching as though they have to listen to him without an alternative.

It is sad that Africa behaves as though they are from one mother and cannot, for fear of mama's punking talk against rituals of dictatorship, in case they block their route for the future rise to the top. This behavior is fundamentally part of the culture of accepting leadership as a traditional crowning of hereditary values in chieftainship for the African rise to authority.

Source - Andrew M Manyevere
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