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Mutsvangwa want povo help 'impeach' Mugabe in return for free elections - middle finger to both

10 Aug 2017 at 18:03hrs | Views
If you see a frog hopping in the midday heat as if its very life depends on each hop; you can be certain something far worse than heat-stroke is after it! Mutsvangwa is hopping mad, the G40 faction is closing in for the kill, and in sheer panic and desperation the rogue is seeking allays from victims of his yesterday thuggery.

"WAR veterans have threatened to support a motion of no-confidence or impeachment against President Robert Mugabe as the fall-out between the former fighters and the veteran ruler worsens. Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association chairman, Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday told journalists in Harare that Mugabe's bid to establish a dynasty would be resisted," reported Zimeye.

"When executive authority is being abused, as is happening, a constitutional republic like Zimbabwe can use impeachment, elections, or even votes of no-confidence against the monarchists and oligarchists in the G40, who are pushing for a dynasty. We will campaign and support such moves, if this mischief continues," he said.

"The Constitution of the republic is supreme and overrides even perverted party decision-making. President Mugabe is gravitating towards dictatorial tendencies, including allowing his wife to make illegal pronouncements on issues in the courts of law."

The people of Zimbabwe have known for decades now that President Mugabe is a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous dictator. The people also know that it Zanu PF thugs like Chris Mutsvangwa and many of his war veterans who helped Mugabe impose this ruthless dictatorship on the nation. Mutsvangwa and company have refused to see President Mugabe for the corrupt and murderous tyrant he is and the tragic human suffering to has brought to the nation because, as long as they got a share of the power and wealth, they did not care.

It was only in the last three years when poverty started knocking at their doors that Zanu PF members woken up to the realities and consequences of Mugabe's "dictatorial tendencies".

Mutsvangwa and others are aware of the economic hardships the likes of Didymus Mutasa and others booted out of Zanu PF only three years ago are now facing. They know that a similar fate awaits them if G40 faction should prevail in the dog-eat-dog war in the party. They are so shaken by the prospect Mutsvangwa is even contemplating impeaching Mugabe and is out hunting for allays!

"Mutsvangwa said war veterans, who have aligned themselves with Mnangagwa's Team Lacoste faction, had no problems with the opposition, including Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa and the MDCs," continued the report.

"They are now behaving as patriotic opposition. We will make sure there are free and fair elections. Dumiso (Dabengwa) is our commander. The MDC joined us in the constitution-making process. They may have their agenda, but we do not consider them as enemies anymore," he said.

Zanu PF thugs like Mutsvangwa have always accept Zanu PF as the only party with the divine right to rule the country and therefore all those threatening the party's iron grip on power were considered the enemy. The heat from the Zanu PF factional wars must be getting real intense to force Mutsvangwa embrace people he has prosecuted as "regime change agents" as "patriotic opposition". Is this for real!

Mutsvangwa and company have not changed one bit, they would not be offering to "make sure there are free and fair elections". When they agreed to be Mugabe's storm troopers harassing, beating, raping and even murdering of innocent people helping the tyrant impose the dictatorship they were committing very serious crimes against the nation. They should be held to account for their treasonous acts and not made to feel as if they are doing the nation a great favour declaring a truce on their lawlessness and thuggery.  

It is the responsibility the Police, ZEC, Judiciary and all the other state institutions, and not some rogue thugs, to ensure free, fair and credible elections. What we need is to have the democratic reforms implemented to end Zanu PF's undemocratic control over these state organs freeing them to carry out their statutory duties without fear or favour.

Zanu PF is imploding and the members must be allowed to tear each other to pieces. The nation's chances of implementing the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship are that much better the weaker the party is. There is still a lot of fight still left in both the G40 and Lacoste factions, let them fight!

So, Chris Mutsvangwa it is middle finger to your call for the nation to join Lacoste in the fight to stop the imposition a Mugabe dynasty in return for war veterans making "sure there are free and fair elections". We know your agenda is to stop the Mugabe dynasty so you can impose Mnangagwa. We do not want another Zanu PF dictatorship, be it G40 or Lacoste. Whilst both factions remain strong, we prefer to see you back in the ring fighting!

We will save all energy to fight whichever Zanu PF faction prevails. We demand the implementation of the democratic reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections as a democratic right and not a favour granted by some rogue war veterans!

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Source - Patrick Guramatunhu
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