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Ban tribalist Tsvangirai from Matabeleland for threatening 2nd Gukurahundi

11 Sep 2017 at 11:34hrs | Views
For the right to be involved in the decision making process or at least to be consulted justify mass murder of innocent Matebele people? Since the Shona dominated government of President Robert Mugabe has been killing and marginalising Matebeles since 1980, is it justifiable for Matebeles to pick up spears and axes and start murdering Shona people?

This is an affirmation of what MLO has been saying all along that Matebeles in the top structures of Shona supremacist groupings like MDC T, Zanu-pf , PDP, and others are political dummies.

It also confirms Madame Khupe's painful words during that fateful day when Morgan Tsvangirai sent Shona speaking thugs all the way from Harare to beat her up. She said, "Its clear we are nothing in the MDC. We are in this party at their benevolence..... My heart bleeds over this incident especially noting all our sacrifices that have made Tsvangirai to what he is".

In an interview in Harare on 9 March 2017 Morgan Tsvangirai expresses his shocking wish not only to provide immunity to his fellow Matabeleland genocide perpetrators but also to reward them with fat cheques for the job well done.

"I wish to assure everyone that there is nothing to fear in the change that we seek. We have no intention to engage in retribution, and we are only driven by the genuine patriotic spirit to ensure peace, stability and growth." "There will neither be vengeance nor retribution against anyone. There is certainly nothing to fear. Infact there will be a pension for those who are afraid", he said with happiness written all over his face.

At least from today onwards we do not expert Morgan Tsvangirai to shed crocodile tears for Matabeleland genocide, for in his own conviction he has declared before the world that there is a reasonable justification for the brutal murder of more than 40 000 innocent Matebeles including defenseless women, old people and children, raping of more than 100 000 women and young girls, displacement of more than 1 million Matebeles into foreign countries and torching of more than 100 000 homes by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade.

We no longer need his comrades in crime at Zanu-pf to point out that he was a foot soldier during Matabeleland genocide who attempted to assassinate former Vice President Joshua Nkomo and bombed a police station in Tsholotsho. His own statement has given weight to all those allegations.

His actions, that is, sending Shona speaking thugs to beat up high ranking Matebeles

Gukurahundist, womaniser, perennial loser and permanent leader of Zimbabwe opposition should know that there are many examples he can use in an effort to save his fast disintegrating party other than Matabeleland genocide.

He must be aware that Matabeleland genocide issue remains unresolved and 5 million plus people of Matabeleland who lost their loved ones are still bitter and seeking justice.

Tsvangirai must admit that a small crowd of 2000 or less that he addressed at White city is testimony to a major political paradigm shift in Matabeleland.

During its hay days, that is before Matebeles realised that Morgan Tsvangirai is a Shona supremacy wolf in the sheep skin, a united MDC would fill up White City Stadium with a booming 10 000 crowd.

Now, the so called MDC Alliance composed of seven parties with its legions of regime change donors attracted an embarrassing small crowd of 2000 or less. This is a shocking downfall from 10 000 to 2000 people and means a massive crowd of 8000 plus people have ditched MDC. To avoid waste of donor funds MDC Alliance must shift to the smaller Stanely Hall or any other community hall in Bulawayo.

Unknown Stanely Raphael Khumalo who recognises all Matabele grievances ie Matabeleland genocide, marginalisation, Shona hegemony, extermination of Matebele langauages, culture and identity, managed to attract 5000 plus people to his rally with limited resources.

But the highly advertised MDC Alliance event pulled a laughable crowd of 2000 people. A sign that Matebeles are now rejecting the Shona supremacist system in favour of Matabeleland restoration cause in large numbers. Just imagine if seasoned and gifted orators like the President of MLO Cde Paul Siwela were given space and time to mobilise people in Matabeleland,BF stadium would be too small to accommodate supporters of Matabeleland cause.

MLO notes with dismay that if Tsvangirai is not sending Shona speaking youth to beat up Matebeles, he is promising genocide perpetrators immunity and loads of cash for committing Matabeleland genocide. If he is not threatening the second genocide he is impregnating Matebele young women and later dump mother and child without remorse.

This makes Tsvangirai a big danger to Matabele nation and must be banned from Matabeleland before we even achieve our independence from Zimbabwe.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

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Source - Israel Dube
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