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Chimwanda imports media Gukurahundism to ANN7

22 Sep 2017 at 16:38hrs | Views
The genocidal, oppressive and tribalistic Shona supremacy system portrays itself as innocent and peaceful to the outside world. But Matabeleland genocide shallow graves and disused mine shafts which were filled up with more than 40 000 dead innocent Matabele civilians is proof of savagery and genocidal nature of Shonaism.

No one in the SADC region in recent times has committed genocide in which such a big number of innocent black people were killed. Even the white Smith regime never killed so many innocent Matebeles during the Rhodesian war.

The Shona supremacist system is now in the stage called genocide denial. Thus where numbers of the dead are scaled down, victims intimidated and blamed. In Zimbabwe Matebeles are not allowed to publicly gather and remember their loved ones who died during Matabeleland genocide.

The government maintains a media blackout on the issue of the genocide. Anyone who speaks out is labelled a tribalist shouted down or even arrested, prosecuted with 90% chance for conviction and incarceration.

It is disheartening that the media blackout is now exported to neighbouring countries. One such disturbing moment happened on ANN7 Africa Tonight show on Tuesday 12 September hosting Ayanda Manala and Yanga Mhluzi of Siphesakhe Youth Organization.

In a scene reminiscent to a ZBC program when the issue of Matabeleland genocide or marginalisation props up, Audrey Chimwanda abruptly cut off a fruitful 15 minute program to 4 minutes after it started.

As if it is a crime for Matebeles to discuss Matabeleland genocide and tribalism on TV, the presenter accused Ayanda Manala and Yanga Mhluzi of being tribalist whatever that means to the Shona people and Ndebeles from Zimbabwe. When Mhluzi corrected her and explained that they are both South African, she went on to cut the program right before our eyes. Besides, it was not the first time we experienced such behaviour from Audrey Chimwanda when dealing with Matebeleland matters.

Such explicit suppression of Matabeleland genocide must be condemned in all terms possible. Failure to openly discuss, condemn or bring to justice Matabeleland genocide perpetrators has resulted in people like President Robert Mugabe masquerading as Pan Africanists and human rights defenders yet they are genocide perpetrators.

Hiding behind this mask of false Pan Africanism he sees it fit to ignore his dirty past and Zimbabwe boundaries and invade South Africa's sovereignty and independence to attack Mandela's legacy in a way that may cause instability. It has resulted in people like Morgan Tsvangirai standing before the world and justifying Matabeleland genocide like he did a few weeks ago when he addressed an MDC Alliance rally in Bulawayo last week.

It has resulted in Shona people believing that Matabeleland genocide is justified and that killing Matabeles is not a punishable offence.

This may easily lead to the second genocide. It is this continued suppression and glorification of Matabeleland genocide, marginalisation, and tribal discrimination, murder of Matabeleland languages, identity, culture and dignity that has reminded us that we are not Zimbabweans. Watch the space as MLO leads the restoration of Matabeleland statehood.

There is only one solution that justifies the end to Matebeleland grievances. That is the restoration of Matebeleland State and Matebeleland Liberation Organisation ie M.L.O. is committed to effect this demand which has been delivered as a Notice to President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will soon pay a very big price for their inflated political ego.

Izenzo kungemazwi!
Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

Source - MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.
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