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Make 2018 elections Mugabe vs Mnangagwa?

11 Oct 2017 at 05:32hrs | Views
Street protests are coming and I urge the opposition to prepare to tape into the enthusiasm before it wanes.  And best of all Mnangagwa will soon be available and I say if opposition is serious about unseating Mugabe, they should seriously consider coalescing around Mnangagwa-can you imagine an election pitting Mugabe against Mnangagwa?
I am suggesting this move because the opposition is failing to capitalize on divisions currently bedeviling ZANU PF. Mnangagwa is under persistent attacks from Members of Parliament aligned to the G40, has been stripped of the Justice Ministry, and has been attacked publicly by the dictator himself. Despite having supported Mugabe for more than 40 years, Mnangagwa finds himself under attack from Mugabe at every corner. All the attacks are for political expediency.
The second problem is that there are divisions within Zimbabwe's opposition itself. There are about 21 opposition groups with little coordination among them. The idea of a coalition opposition died a stillbirth. Some seek regime, others change but change within the regime, and yet others focus on normalizing ties with the West. The rest are loose organizations with no defined goal-most are actually seen as ZANU PF projects to confuse the electorate.
Third, the opposition is not broad-based. It is perceived to be non-elitist and urban-based. The inability of the opposition to galvanize support outside the urban areas and among the educated voters prevents them from expanding the movements.
Generally, the opposition message is not clear and often contradictory. The leaders of the biggest opposition parties Morgan and Joice have some working relationship with the dictator that no one understands. They would not directly challenge him - Mnangagwa will challenge Mugabe if given an opportunity. In addition, Morgan is exhibiting Mugabe's characteristics, holding on to power even when he is seriously ill; this makes him lose international support since governance and accountability issues concern all nations, rich and poor-not just to the United States.
The opposition are relying too much on Facebook and Twitter. These mediums are too "open" and the government is able to plant their agents to harass opposition members. Audio cassette tapes would be better alternative. Better yet would be a pirate radio station in Botswana, like Radio Maputo during Chimurenga war.
I ask the opposition parties to swallow their pride and coalesce around Mnangagwa for a chance to immediately kick the dictator out and start working towards an improved economic well-being for all. Don't listen to what ZANU PF is saying about Mnangagwa-be bold and think Zimbabwe. If Odinga can be bold enough to withdraw from from a dictator lite, why can't you coalesce against an entrenched heinous dictator?

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Source - Sam Wezhira
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