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Dabengwa's visit to Bhalagwe

22 Oct 2017 at 15:28hrs | Views
There are reports that the Zapu President was among delegates that had been invited by Ibhetshu Lika Zulu to a Prayer at Bhalagwe. The police barred this prayer meeting that of course would not disturb anyone at all. A prayer it was, yes just people talking to God with their eyes closed as it is often done here. Even the dead whose bodies were thrown into the disused mine, some reportedly alive would obviously never resurrect to attack ZanuPF members, MDC Alliance or Mujuru's Freedom Train.

They were simply rounded up in dozens, murdered and thrown into that mine. And IBhetshu Lika Zulu had organised a prayer…..Of cause there would be, as there are always tears and pains as a result of neglect especially by the so called democratic organisations or nations. Indeed there would be as there are always tears emanating from feelings of abandonment and betrayal but this is by no means a threat to peace by a people preoccupied by a daily struggle for survival. There can never be a threat to peace by old people whose surviving off-springs are scavenging the streets of South African towns in search of food and shelter. Not at all. It was just a prayer and nothing else to it.

However in a country where a Hitlerite type of a dictatorship is deeply rooted and as it was during Adolf's rise, with the cowardly policies of isolationism and appeasement in strong nations at that time, the perpetrators of Gukurahundi shamelessly have the audacity to bar relatives and other unarmed survivors to just pray, and only to PRAY.

The world will one day do and say as the French are saying now about the Rwandan genocide. They were exposed and embarrassed by their clandestine collaboration with the Hutu against the Tutsi. Bhalagwe represents one evidence of modern day primitive barbarism carried out with the tacit connivance of the so called democracies of our time. The lie always repeated that the Gukurahundist murderers did what they did because they were trained by North Koreans should be dismissed by all straight thinking and peace loving people. They were not funded by the poor the North Korean government. No North Korean officers were on the ground while the British and their allies were right here in Zimbabwe watching, witnessing and supporting. The commander of the Gukurahundist Brigade was in fact invited to a very highly distinguished military institution after that and Mr. Robert Mugabe was Knighted after the Gukurahundi genocide by the British. No wonder he has the guts to deny survivors of his atrocious campaign to simply hold a prayer.

 As for Dr. Dumiso Dabengwa one can imagine the double edged deep agony that he is feeling right now. By the way for the information of those who were too young or notyet born, the man was in jail facing charges punishable by instant hanging during the Gukurahundi genocide. He had been arrested by a South African agent who had rounded up disarmed ex-Zipra cadres and tortured them into being state witnesses against D D.

Dabengwa survived the prison torture but many including the Zipra Commander Lookout Masuku did not. He perished there. Having been a Minister under the vicious dictatorship after reluctantly accepting Joshua Nkomo's persuasion to go into the government, it is another act of severe psychological torture to be denied to pray in remembrance of fellow human beings who were murdered just for who and what they were.

It should be an inspiration to the younger generation of Zimbabwe however, that there is a Zimbabwean revolutionary giant who stood against the evils of racial segregation up to a point where he was willing to lay down his life in battle to free his country. Dumiso Dabengwa voluntarily left ZanuPF. He was not chased out disgracefully. He left it on his own and told the nation why and how he had gone in the first place. Tribalists and political opportunists have preached all lies but that does change DD, nor does it divert his asbestos revolutionary consciousness that neither burns nor bends. It is not surprising to see him with a few very brave young people like Ibhetshu likaZulu going to pray at Bhalagwe. This is a direct act that does not only reject brutality against unarmed civilians but a practical rejection of political intimidation. It is a clear condemnation of a tribal motivated massacre of people where ever they are or who ever they may be. Hence the dictatorship has no alternative but to deploy dozens of armed police to block this prayer.

 Ibhetshu likaZulu are practically writing the history of Zimbabwe. Many young Zimbabweans have given up. They have taken citizenships in other countries. Many more have without bothering to think just fled and hidden where ever they can doing whatever they can do as life just goes on. Yes a sizeable number have become modern day Judas Iscariots blindly partaking in the destruction of their very own future  for mugs of beer, endless promises and other pledges of peace meal rewards.

Police blockades or whatever will never hide the truth. Bribing a handful weak minded individuals who gradually loose sanity will not forever hide the truth. In Bhalagwe there were scores of people who were thrown in there after being executed. Even going there to pray will be a great victory and that victory is certain !!!

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Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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