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Mzilikazi II and his followers arrested

05 Nov 2017 at 10:21hrs | Views
PHOTO: SRK and Greater Sibanda today at Central police station 05/11/2017
From today onwards the people of Mthwakazi should adopt the rallying slogan which says 'wathinta oyedwa wethu, wathinta izinyosi, wayinyathela emsileni'.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police arrested Stanley Khumalo and scores of his supporters going to a traditional gathering.

The petty divisions as Mthwakazi should come to an end right now and right here.

The regime is panicking and rightfully so for Mthwakazi is beginning to rise and asserting her rights.

Today 5th November 2017 saw a scores of Mthwakazians being arrested by the police for congregating as Mthwakazi to perform their traditional rites. In the recent past we saw the traumatising scene where the police disrespected Dr Dabengwa on his way to Bhalagwe. We have also seen over a hundred villagers arrested in Tsholotsho; we have also seen a great number of villagers in Matopo being arrested. Today the arrest of Stanley Raphael Khumalo and his spokesperson Greater Sibanda has taken this disrespect of Mthwakazi people to another level.

Wathinta oyedwa wethu, wantinta izinyosi should be the new political philosophy of the people of Mthwakazi. This slogan acknowledges differences amongst Mthwakazi in terms of ideas and ways of achieving the end goal which is the fully recovered and restored independent and sovereign state of Mthwakazi. It acknowledges that all citizens of Mthwakazi are agreed on the end goal and that is what everybody is yearning for. It does not matter now who is arrested or on the receiving end of the Mugabe regime, be it the MRP, Bulelani, SRK, 1893 MRM, MLF or any Mthwakazi citizen, it should provoke one response from now onward - wathinta oyedwa wethu, wayinyathela emsileni. The petty reasoning which says I belong to Bulelani and the arrest of SRK does not concern me should be crushed and thrown into the sea. Today it is SRK in the dungeons of the regime and tomorrow it will be Bulelani. Today it maybe MRM in the police cells of the regime but tomorrow it maybe MRP or MLF or anybody. We should rise up and deliberately obliterate the barriers we erect between ourselves. We are Mthwakazi first and we all want freedom, let us not allow our strategies and tactics divide us.

As I said above the regime is panicking and rightfully so, the time is the greatest leveller of human affairs. Mthwakazi look East you will see the crumbling edifice which was built on your backs and meant to oppress you forever. The hour of the Lord is upon us and Mthwakazi you are ready. Keep on keeping on.

As I write this article Stanley and many of his supporters are at Bulawayo Central Police station which is manned by the regime agents.

Source - Thulani Nkala
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