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In this hour of truth, let us be reminded the enemy is not just Mugabe

18 Nov 2017 at 12:31hrs | Views
All of them - all of the above - have are responsible for building this people-eating monster called Zanu-PF, together with Mugabe. And all of them, are not just directly implicated in Gukurahundi genocide, Gukurahundism and Shonaism, but are both its architects and executioners. Though many today are trying to change Shonaism into Zezuruism and other narrower isms, the truth remains that when uMthwakazi was being killed under Gukurahundism by Gukurahundi, the fuel feeding that fire was Shonaism, through which the Shona, largely, supported and egged on this group of truly dangerous people who should never have been given control of State power.

And so today, when dangerous opportunists like Evan Mawarire - who has already posted a self-promoting ‘message' on social media as if he is the ‘leader' of anything now unfolding - we have been given enough reason to pause for thought, lest we lose the plot totally and find ourselves dancing enthusiastically for and in support of a worse murderous dictatorship than Mugabe's.

Let us give a brief synopsis of each of the 'active' players in this attempted coup (have no doubt, this is a coup that has gone awry and will unravel in the next few days and weeks).

General Chiwenga
This is the man who commanded I Brigade in Bulawayo during Gukurahundi, then going by the name Dominic Chinenge. He provided logistical and other support for Gukurahundi, and, lkike Perence Shiri (Chikerema), is directly interested in covering up for Gukurahundi his and Mnangagwa's way, post-Mugabe.

More recently, he has said he will never salute a democratically-elected government, but only a Zanu-PF-generated one.

In today's attempted coup, General Chiwenga has denounced factionalism in Zanu-PF while intervening factionally and interestedly in support of the Mnangagwa faction against the Mugabe faction. The wafer-thin cover -  a false narrative that is now being promoted by the State press - The Herald in particular - that this was no coup but an intervention in a party political matter is laughable on all fronts. When you arrest and detain a State president (under guise of ‘securing' him) and you take over - forcibly -  a broadcasting station, it's a coup, whatever label you may assign to it to cover up, and you fool no one. And General Chiwenga has openly said he is intervening to save Zanu-PF - the author of our collective mysery, not to destroy it. If anything, the true heroes are the very people General Chiwenga has denounced and unlawfully detained (the army is no arresting authority), people who General Chiwenga has accused of - and sought to detain for - trying to destroy Zanu-PF from within. Yet those are the very same people - who the public should be celebrating and demonstrating to secure immediate release of - but are ironically the very people who opportunists like Evan Mawarire and those of his ilk are encouraging us to forget as we ride of this false hysteria of a false a - and soon to be shortlived - hope.

And General Chiwenga is also implicated in the DRC diamonds debacle, as he is in the US$15 billion disappearance of diamond revenues from the Chiadzwa diamonds in Zimbabwe. Getting Kudzayi Chipanga to apologise for that accurate allegation under some form of duress/incentive doesn't erase the malfeasance that still hangs on him in that particular regard.

Emmerson Mnangagwa
It is amazing that many people do not see that the fact that this attempted coup has been done in the name of, and with Mnangagwa behind it, that it proves Mugabe's point that there has always been an attempt by Mnangagwa to usurp power from Mugabe clandestinely with the help of the army, and that therefore Mugabe was right in firing Mngangagwa both from the army and Zanu-PF. It is astounding! That Mnangagwa is treacherous, there is no doubt now - if ever there was. That he is a dirty coward who uses others to do his dirty work while he cowers conspiratorially under subservient officialdom, there is also no doubt. Today, he has gone aground and is silent (wherever he is), until he sees and knows which way the coup will end.

And does anyone need to know about Mnangagwa's evil, about his role in Gukurahundi, about how he has sent many to early graves, his theft of party funds, racketeering, his exploits in diamonds during the DRC war, for which the UN still wants to talk to him about, and the many scorns and taunts he has poured at his enemies while in Zanu-PF - the sin he now accuses Mugabe and his wife of against him. How can anybody forget that and tout Mnangagwa as a presidential candidate or a candidate for anything political for that matter, when Mnangagwa is incapable of winning even a VIDCO chairman post!

Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe
What can one ever say about this old, evil, murderous tyrant who has really and factually gotten deranged after hooking himself up (the pun is appropriate) with this truly bizarre, excitable and silly woman now known as Grace Mugabe? That lethal combination of two people with egos larger than a hippo each (Mugabe's age has nothing to do with it), has produced this cascading roller-ball of disaster that has largely inflamed, but not informed, this attempted coup. These two are truly unpleasant fellows by any human measure possible, and should be removed - even eliminated - at the earliest opportunity available.

All that said about them, however, uMthwakazi and Zimbabweans must not support a coup of the evil against the evil. It is as simple as all that. Not least because the puschists will turn out to be worse evils, but also because we have a precedent from history to learn from, about how notto dance hysterically to convulsions of the moment. We saw it under Muzorewa, we saw it under Mugabe, we saw it under Evan Mawarire, and we are seeing it now under General Chiwenga. And I must be blunt here. This particular admonition is directed directly at the Shona. They keep repeating the same old hysterical mistakes they have since they became the Shona. You can go back to the First Ndebele War against the White colonisers, against whom the Shona hysterically joined against the Ndebele at the instigation of the Whites. Today, ironically and sadly, it is those very same Shonas - unashamedly stealing histories and historiographies under a made up name called ‘Chimurenga' under Zanu-PF - always seeking to re-invent history favourably, retrospectively.

We know, as a fact, that it is Mthwakazi, not the Shona, who have always fought against Mugabe an and his evil Zanu-PF empire, made up of, and aggressively pushed, by General Chiwenga, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and other evil and dangerous Shonas like them going by the notorious moniker in Mthwakazi circles called ‘Gukurahundists', Shonaists, Mugabeists - and clearly now - Mnangagwaists!

The so-called opposition
It is also telling, that a so-called opposition, that is bereft of ideas - including, sadly, Zapu - that they now seek to condone an attempted coup and ride on it to access State power via the back door of a so-called Transitional Government. They have not just stopped there. They have even put their names forward and put out ‘arrangements' and ‘deals' about that so-called Transitional Government as if -  telling themselves they are waiting on the wings - they are entitled to it and to be active members of it. Here are people - almost all of them virtual clones and extensions of Zanu-PF - seeking to elevate themselves and their statuses through an undemocratic misadventure such as a coup, without even pausing for a moment to reflect and think about the full implication of it all when one day - God forbid - they might form a government. Will they accept a coup against themselves simply because some army General doesn't like their face or wants their wife?

Let us hope SADC and AU will not be fooled by any of this by the so-called opposition - and by General Chiwenga - and insist on the re-instatement of Mugabe as president and the immediate return of the army to the barracks and the immediate release and return of those detained by these armed gangsters in the name of a coup.

A Transitional Government, and when it occurs or happens, can ONLY be composed of civilian or civic leaders who have no interest in contesting for power in the future, and who stake no political premium on participating in a Transitional Government. It is as simple as that!

This attempted coup has nothing to do with democracy, human rights, and economic well-being of the people. This attempted coup is personal, and has everything to do with political cover for General Chiwenga and Emmerson Mnangagwa covering up for the many crimes they have committed while in office. It is not surprising therefore that in this misadventure they thought was going to be a coup, they are, and have acted in cahoots.

SADC and AU must come down hard on these puschists and teach these truly dangerous people a good lesson.
Between Mugabe, Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga, there is no choice; can be no choice. It is being made to choose between Satan and the Devil at the point of a gun!

And both the fugitive Mnangagwa - who said he would return to remove Mugabe soon, obviously knowing of the coup attempt then underway - and General Chiwenga - a puschist - are openly working for the advancement of Zanu-PF - that perennial tormenter of the general public - like Robert Mugabe. How does that then make them any better than Mugabe? Does evil's attempt to remove evil by a coup or attempted a coup convert those two evils into a good? No!

Once we sanction and approve removing constitutional orders by coups, or subverting constitutional orders by threats and show of threats such as General Chiwenga and his gangsters have done, we have crossed the line into shark-filled waters.

We all hate the Mugabes - no doubt about that - but it is one thing to hate them and quite another to seek to dismantle and subvert a constitutional edifice under which we would also want to enjoy our own rule in the future.

However, a popular civil uprising backed by the army that topples a president, or in which the army refuses to shoot and kill civilians in a civil revolution, is something totally different. That one must be supported, and all the legal and political processes of the world allow and support it. General Chiwenga's misadventure is not one of these. For that, he and his political master, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and their friends must one day account for in a court of law.

As Mthwakazians and Zimbabweans, we must refuse to be frogmarched by the army into situations of chaos that they know they will always be manipulating behind the shadows for their personal glory, cover-ups and ambitions. In those situations, are born and bred warlords and sub-warlords all controlled by those who have unleashed that violence and chaos in the first place. And we don't want to go there.
Even today, the true enemy is all of the above, not some of them - including the present opposition - all of them off-shoots of Zanu-PF. And that includes Zapu, sadly! And someone, too, please contain the Evan Mawarires of our time!

Source - Xoxani Ngxoxo
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