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Anti-Mugabe Archbishop Sentamu must avoid double dipping

28 Nov 2017 at 07:50hrs | Views
Born in Uganda Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu studied law at  Makerere University before gaining employment as an advocate of the Supreme Court of Uganda.

Speaking out against the regime of President Idi Amin, he was briefly imprisoned before fleeing in 1974 to the United Kingdom where he began studying Theology at Selwyn College Cambridge and eventually gaining a Doctorate in 1984.

The Archbishop of York has put on a dog collar for the first time in almost 10 years, ending his symbolic protest over Robert Mugabe's leadership of Zimbabwe. In December 2007, Dr John Sentamu cut up his dog collar live on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show, promising not to wear one until Mr Mugabe left office.

He said Zimbabwe's leader had "taken people's identity" and "cut it to pieces", prompting him to do the same. On Sunday, he returned to the Marr Show and reinstated his collar as promised. Dr Sentamu said: "Normally I [would] tie the top button and put on my collar, but for nearly 10 years I haven't be able to. It has meant every morning I think of the people of Zimbabwe."

Inasmuch as Dr Sentamu cares about the dictatorship in Zimbabwe in his own country of birth and he has failed to condemn the life presidency project. It is believed that Dr Sentamu's brother Kayanja is in bed with the dictator in his homeland Uganda.

However this man has learnt the art of deception and trickery and must avoid double dipping.

In his own homeland where he was born, bred and educated there happens to be the worst dictator the world has ever seen, who has turned the great lakes region into a sea of blood with islands of bones and skulls.

We would like to thank him so much for his fervent prayers where he prayed that  Mugabe leaves office, but he should not pretend to advocate for the Zimbabwean people only but for every country where dictatorship is the order of the day. Some sources alleged that him and his brother Kayanja are proud supporters of the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who has ruled Uganda with an iron fist for thirty two staggering years.

Dr Sentamu's brother has got business interests with the Museveni dynasty and he must not turn a blind eye and deaf ear at the plight of his kinsmen in Uganda. We are advocating for total eradication of dictatorship in Africa so that the continent will chart a new political dispensation.

These Bishops must also preach what they practise as we have been subjected to lies and false prophetic words from these men of cloth.

Henry Khaaba Olonga a former Zimbabwean cricketer, who played Test cricket and One Day Internationals for career span of 8 years.

He was considered one of the fastest bowlers in international cricket. Whilst playing against England he wore a black armband signifying the dearth of democracy in Zimbabwe another protest against Mugabe.

Protesters will never die they are born everyday and will protest in different ways through sit ins, holding placards, poetry. They can be through various forms of self expression and such protests are sometimes restricted by governments and in Zimbabwe we have the likes of Tajamuka, Beat the Pot, Woza, Pastor Evan Mawarire, Pastor Phillip Mugadza, Linda Masarira, the late Itai Dzamarfa etc. These people play an important role in the society as they stand for the voiceless.

Protests can take many different forms, from individual statements to mass demonstrations. Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy.


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