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How, ONLY Dabengwa, would afford Mnangagwa efficient Presidency?

17 Dec 2017 at 07:01hrs | Views
Since the beginning of his meaningful post as Mugabe's right-hand man in 1976, President Mnangagwa has made many errors. The biggest error which can quickly be pointed out as much as it cannot be hidden, is the Gukurahundi error. This, is the error which appeared when the Nation and the World were postulating about Mnangagwa's eligibility to take up the office of the President of Zimbabwe.

This is the error which was highly fronted when Mnangagwa was sacked by Mugabe. This is the error which submerged when the US was considering lifting sanctions against Zimbabwe. This is the error which will be closely guarded by everyone, everywhere to judge Mnangagwa's tenure as the President of Zimbabwe. Above all, this is the error which will be printed on the headlines of all National and International newspapers, as part of Mnangagwa's obituary.

Wisdom comes with age, the more he grows up, every wise man is expected to get wiser. Part of wisdom is the ability to self-assess. At the age of 75, President Mnangagwa is expected to have wizened up to be proficient enough in assessing things which could soothe his past mistakes. Mnangagwas past mistakes are so many, but he is not the only one.

One of Mnangagwa's recently proven life-mistakes came from ditching Zapu in 1963, citing tribalism and joining Zanu, which, this year in 2017, told him "Zezuru are unconqurable". Mnangagwa is the man who, in 2004, made a mistake of trying to usurp power from Mugabe using Jonathan Moyo,and today lists Moyo as his worst enermy. He is the only leader of this land who came to power using the military, instead of proper conventional tools such as the democratic ballot box. President Mnangagwa exhibits a permanent vague sense of judgement in that he managed to serve Mugabe since 1980, without a single complaint, while Mugabe has been destroying this country to the level it has fallen now.

A wise, self-assessing 75-year-old intelligent President, SHOULD LOOK DEEPER, and singularly, to find a medicinal Deputy President whose very inauguration would reduce Mnangagwa's dirty past. Medicine is always bitter, if one is seeking for an effective healing, choosing sweet, ineffective medicine is not a wise option. Mnangagwa must beg Dabengwa as a bitter, and ONLY pill to cleanse his cancer.

Dumiso Dabengwa himself, does not like to deputise Mnangagwa. No one truly Zapu, would deputise Mnangagwa without suffering a strong grumble from fellow-Gukurahundi victims. Deputising Mnangagwa is a risk and not a blessing.

It is therefore Mnangawa's own litimus test, to find ways of engaging Dabengwa up to a point of accepting a position to the Deputy President's office. When Mnangagwa was busy being told "Zezuru unconquerable" by lady Marujata, Mutswangwa was busy, telling the Nation that he was knitting up a future Government headed by Mnangagwa, deputised by Dabengwa. Both Mutswangwa and Mnangagwa are now talking like a thirteen-year-old girl confused between two potential boyfriends. They are keeping the country guessing in order to tie the hands of the next Deputy President and make him look like Mnangagwa's beggar just like the Mphoko Mnangagwa's roles.

There is no one else legitimate in Zapu, to take the position of Deputy President, ahead of Dabengwa. But, Dabengwa does not want to be a Mphoko or a John Nkomo. He does not come that cheap. He will not loose anything in failing to get the post, and yet, he is the ONLY meaningful Deputy President anyone can find in Zimbabwe.

It is easy to put Khaya Moyo, Kembo Mohadi or Sithembiso Nyoni, but all these are valueless liquids so meaningless in strengthening Mnangagwa's position as a President with a tainted past. Only Dabengwa is everything, but he is not cheap to get. Thus why Mutswangwa did not bother talking about Khaya Moyos and Sithembiso Nyonis when war Vets were kicking out Mugabe.

Dabengwa is everything in Russia as much as Mnangagwa is everything in China. Dabengwa is everything in South Africa, Zambia, Cuba, Botswana Egypt, Algeria,Namibia and in the EU. Dabengwa is everything in Midlands and Matebeleland and many parts of Mashonaland.

In terms of Liberations War credentials, Dabengwa ranks higher than Mnangagwa. One needs strength not weakness in building a coherent country. Weak Deputy Presidents were good oil to destroy Zimbabwe which is why Mugabe managed so much damage.

People spent time writing articles to help Mnangagwa to think beyond the confines of an ordinary box. If he really wishes to lead Zimbabwe extra-ordinarily, he has to think beyond the implicit realm and work hard to persuade Dabengwa to take up Deputy Presidency.

We need a strong, balanced and working Zimbabwe which injects liberation adrenaline translated to National confidence, translated to economic growth.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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