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Mnangagwa spooked by Mugabe - MRP Youth League

27 Dec 2017 at 18:48hrs | Views
I had the rare opportunity of finding myself and other Cdes, within the walls of the Embasy of Zimbabwe for a business forum that never was. The mention of Business, incited me to attend the event with the hope of getting an opportunity to address Mr Mnangagwa on issues of Mthwakazi development, particularly his resistance to return stolen political, social and economic power to our people.

I noted, with great concern that Mr Mnangagwa's rule seems to continue from where Mugabe left. I was shocked with the way the speakers competed in digging out the best superlatives in praising the person of Mr Mnangagwa. Such was the case with Mugabe's era. Finance Minister, Mr Chinamasa even embarrassed himself in his effort to sell us Mr Mnangagwa's irrelevant history.

The other evidence of Mugabe's spook on Mnangagwa was the ruthlessness of the security agents at the Zimbabwe Embasy. We suspect that they belong to the killing machine, the CIO. They were so ruthless even to the women. In one incident a Mthwakazi women was injured after they hit her with a gate after realising that she was part of a group wearing t-shirts inscribed, Vuka Mthwakazi. Although she was bleeding profusely and screaming in pain, the Zimbabwean security ignored her agony. Our hats off to the South African Police, who assisted the lady and called the ambulance services for her. This is also identifiable with Mugabe's tenure, inflicting pain to our people without an aorta of remorse.

The demonstrators who were outside the gate were well protected by the South African Police, while Mr Mnangagwa and the mostly shona audience pretended as if these people did not come from within Zimbabwe. This has been the attitude with Mugabe and we see it being prolonged by Mr Mnangagwa.

While Mr Chinamasa was trying to renovate and decorate Mr Mnangagwa's history, a man shouted from the audience reminding him to include his role in the setting up of the Fifth Brigade that devoured the many lives of the people of Midlands and Matebeleland. The man was ruthlessly grabbed by his belt from both sides and thrown out of the compound, typical of Mugabe's style. Only the Shona brothers were evidently provoked by the mention of Gukurahundi, while from where I was standing, the Ndebele people were whispering that the man was telling the truth.

Mr Mnangagwa must be wise enough to exorcise the Mugabe ghost that is following him even to the bathroom. His 'Let the bygones be bygones' thing, is steering anger within the people of Mthwakazi. We hope that it has no reference to the issues of Gukurahundi. It is not different from the 'Moment of Madness' thing.

As MRP Youth, we won't rest until we find justice.

For Peace and Justice in Our Lifetime

Malwande Nyathi is MRP Youth League Chairperson in S.A. province

Source - Malwande Nyathi
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