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Waiting for the spider, Is Strive Masiyiwa the next president of the republic?

20 Feb 2018 at 17:36hrs | Views

The Newsday of July 12 (2016) published an article in which one of the renowned and crowed pulling prophets in Zimbabwe Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied about the next head of state to take over from the ousted  former head of state Robert Mugabe. As far as I'm concerned I'm one of the great admires of the great man of God and would love to meet him in person if afforded an opportunity as he is my role model especially when it comes to his character that is not compromised at all. With his life changing and transforming sermons that have in actual fact touched the lives of millions of Christians both locally and internationally, His accuracy in terms of the prophetic will be once again tested by many as the nation gears up for the upcoming general elections. Without doubt the prophet has prophesied a number of events which were later fulfilled just like the one he foretold about the takeover of the junta and the Cyril Ramaposa flight prophecy which were all later published and were proven to be true. In his own words the prophet said I quote, "I'm seeing a person coming from outside, who is running towards the people of Zimbabwe, this person is running in the opposite direction to the people, who are running towards him, I see a spider and this spider is following this person, who is the chosen one to lead the people," he said

While millions of people were excited by the ouster of the tried and tested dictator Robert Mugabe many people are still waiting eagerly for a real change to take place in the political landscape in Zimbabwe in terms of leadership away from the ruling party. Millions of Zimbabweans have voted against Zanu Pf government many times but the ousted former head of state Robert Mugabe kept his grip on power through vote rigging and unleashing state sponsored violence towards a defenseless citizens. While the military coup took place in an unexpected way as many of us were in the dark including the ousted leader as well few expected the coup to happen. However the new government is yet to strike the right tune as millions of people are still anguishing in poverty and unemployment. The new president has however brought hope as a messiah by trying to woo back the white farmers and investors, however it will be difficult for economic transformation to take shape within six months prior to the upcoming elections. This brings in the prophecy of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa who foretold about the coming of a spider. Many people including some of his followers have interpreted the man in front of the spider prophecy as the Econet Wireless founder Strive Masiwa, However UFIC spokesperson was quoted saying the prophesies of the man of God are 'complex' summing up an analysis that only the Prophet can interpret the prophecy as for the public it has to wait for the manifestation and fulfilment of the prophecy.

With less than 6 months before the elections many have questioned the prophecy considering how the junta have established itself comfortably in power, However I personally I do not doubt the man of God accuracy when it comes to his prophesies, but one of my major objective in writing this article is to try to figure out the spider and analyzing the feasibility of his prophesy in general. Who then is the spider?, by mentioning that the successor of Robert Mugabe is outside of the country borders specifically overseas this accurately proves that the current head of state who is Emmerson Mnangagwa is poised for a serious defeat in the next six months if the prophecy is to be fulfilled, Secondly the prophecy rules out any aspiring presidential candidates who include Joyce Mujuru, the recent crowned MDC'T leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa and other briefcase political parties leaders such as Maxwell Shumba and Mqondisi Moyo of the Mthwakazi Republic Party, Hence it is clear that all the above mentioned will not be the president of the new government come July.

It is also of importance to note that the prophecy of the great prophet seems to have a condition towards the person who the spider is following, I quote "this person is running in the opposite direction to people, who are running towards him. The prophet went on to state that if the person is to join a reputable opposition party he will be the next president of the republic. One thing is clear hear whoever is that person of which the spider is following, when he launches his presidential bid he should not do the mistake of launching his own political party as the prophecy has already stated the conditions which are supposed to be followed in order for the person in front of the spider to succeed, Rather the person should join a reputable opposition political party of which at present the only reputable opposition party is MDC'T and its MDC Alliance. It is however clear that the spider should join the MDC Alliance and become its face towards the upcoming elections, but is this feasible considering the leadership wrangles within the MDC'T? Only time will tell.

Is Strive Masiwa the Econet Wireless boss, the person being followed by the Spider? However a source close to the internationally recognised Businessman and Philanthropist who is a humble, God-fearing billionaire alleges that Masiyiwa has 'received' this call numerous times from God though he has kept quiet about this calling. It's reported that a number of Men of God have given him this message from God and he himself confirmed hearing this from God. "Strive has been fighting the call from God silently but I think just like the Biblical Jonah, the issue is now getting to him," said the mole who is very close to Dr Masiyiwa. Time will tell

Knowledge Hakata is the Co-founder of Demos Cratos, a political consultancy organisation. He can be contacted on

Source - Knowledge Hakata
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