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Attack on Khupe a Gukurahundist replica

by Mkhululi Zulu
21 Feb 2018 at 10:35hrs | Views
A report that Chamisa's youth attempted to burn down a hut in which Thokozani Khuphe an MDC-T Vice Prersident had taken refuge  inside is not only shocking but is equally an eye opener about the violent nature of MDC-Tswangirai. Zimbabweans have been knowing only one such barbaric bunch of heartless murderers and those were the Gukurahundi cannibals. They are the ones who enjoyed butchering other people by driving them into huts and then setting those huts ablaze. Indeed these Chamisa youths are possessed  by similar evil spirits, thousands evil demons.

These MDC-T have been claiming to be victims of Zanu-PF violence and to imagine that they would themselves attempt to burn down a hut in which a lady had taken refuge, sends a chilling message to the whole nation but more so, to the people of Matebeleland, a region whose scores of inhabitants were burnt to death  in huts.

The act confirms that these people are exactly like Zanu-PF. They are far from being democratic. In-fact, they believe in tribal supremacy hence this tribal motivated attack on Khuphe. This is a sad betrayal of a woman who has been trying to work with them for years. They can't accept alternative opinions. Its primitive. No wonder these people told shameless lies about being tortured by Zanu-PF, claiming that their supporters had their arms chopped off. Its them who want to do this on other people. They will chop off people's arms  once voted into power. God forbid that these violent and corrupt people, as evidenced by the way they run the urban councils of Bulawayo and Harare should be given any mandate  to form a national government. Its no doubt that they will burn other thousands of people in huts. This time it can be very costly to everyone if any one attempts to burn civilians in huts like what Gukurahundi did.

This should be a wake up call to those who still hallucinate about any democracy in the MDC-T. Once they get the state power, we will see their true colors. They will brutally massacre people especially Ndebeles like what Zanu-PF did.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu
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