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The sure curse of Murowa Diamonds

22 Feb 2018 at 19:01hrs | Views

Diamonds! Diamonds! Yes diamonds galore in impoverished Zimbabwe. Surely the story of Zim's diamonds needs revisiting for how can a country blessed with such gems be said to be poor? Who exactly is benefitting from these God given diamonds?

Maybe for the benefit of all readers a recap is necessary. Situated some 65 kms South East of Zvishavane town in The Midlands Province is a rich diamond mine. So rich that its employees fly to and from work....yes they fly not drive but fly! As if this is not luxurious enough the employees stay as ' borders' within the restricted company premises enjoying 7 course meals day in and day out. Aah blessed are Murowa Diamond's employees for theirs is heaven on earth.

What prompted this writing is not the envy of the super luxurious life being enjoyed by the employees but the poverty, neglect, underdevelopment, environmental pollution, dusty, cracking buildings and impassable roads surrounding this rich oasis. Whoever owns Murowa Diamonds is a greedy capitalist for the company is doing virtually nothing in terms of corporate social investment. This mine is a really curse to the community as their buildings are falling apart due to massive blasting and their health deteriorating due to dust and contaminated water bodies. Vast tracks of land is fenced of meaning reduced pastures for the poor community's animals.

To make matters worse locals are employed on temporary basis doing menial jobs like cleaning toilets despite the abundance of educated and experienced personnel. The Operations Manager only recruit his homeboys for permanent positions who come faraway from Murowa hence the luxury of chartering a plane. The local Missing Person meaning M.P is not helping matters for he is greedy and self centred. Local leadership of chiefs and subchiefs has been corrupted and silenced by crumbs from the high table.

These are our God given diamonds which must benefit the local community but alas they fly in and out looting and plundering our gems. Cry the beloved people of Murowa! For how long shall we sit and watch our gems being looted by people from afar? For how long shall we continue staring at the falling houses? For how long shall we suffer from TB and other lung diseases due to fine dust? For how long shall we watch our educated children being shunned from employment?


Murowa Community Members.

Source - Murowa Community Members
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