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Mnangagwa in a quandary as coup d'etat group faces split

25 Feb 2018 at 10:33hrs | Views
The execution of a coup d'etat functions in the same way as staging an armed robbery. Planning is not a problem, implementation not a problem, however, the biggest challenge is sharing of spoils. This crucial and final stage determines  the future of the group, whether it will live as a unity or dissolve into nothingness.

The new president who accessed Zimbabwe State House on the back of a military coup is faced with a challenge of sharing the spoils of the coup d'etat equally among the politicians, army and war vets who participated.

At this stage the principle of fairness and honesty is set aside while greediness, betrayal, deception and disloyalty take over. Any mistake here may result in the quick fall of the military junta and its leader.

Mnangagwa is nothing but leader of lacoste faction whose moto through out factional battles was, "its our time to eat". He is under immense pressure from this triumphant and overexcited grouping to make perilous wholesale changes in the government, judiciary, security and private sector for them to take over and eat.

It must be stated here that the Zezuru are very angry with General Chiwenga who out of ignorance and selfishness transfered political power from the Zezuru to the Karanga through the barrel of the gun. He is under pressure from his tribesmen to correct his blunder. Zezurus constitute 20% of Zimbabwe population and if election is anything to go by, they will never taste power again. And they have general Chiwenga to blame for all this.

But for Mnangagwa to gain full power he has to, by all means possible, eliminate all generals who's guns elevated him to power or risk being controlled by them or falling on his own sword. He must as a matter of urgency make a Zezuru clean out from all strategic positions and replace them with his loyalists.How will the zezuru and kore kore feel and react ? Time will tell.

At this point,  many Zezurus and their Korekore surrogates who took part in the coup will realise that they have just assisted Karangas to take power from them. How stupid is that? In Afrikaans they say, "die poppe sal dans" meaning there will be a problem, big problem!

Forget about Mugabe's resignation because he did so under duress. Mnangagwa was looking for a bit of legitimacy that he currently lacks. We cannot be fooled.
Some of his cabinet members who belong to G40 are languishing in prison, some are in hiding, some in exile and being sought by Mnangagwa's dogs. If we can ask when did they start to be criminals, in 1980 or when they joined G40? If they started before they formed G40 where was Mnangagwa by then? Where was the army?

Operation "restore Legacy" my foot! What legacy, who's legacy?

Legacy of slaughtering more than 40 000 innocent  Matebele civilians. Legacy of tribaly segregating and oppressing +- 7 million Matebeles for 37 years 7 months. Legacy of vote rigging. Legacy of looting from the national purse until the country becomes a debt ridden failed state without its own currency. Is this the legacy which Mnangagwa wants to restore? If thus the case God have mercy on Zimbabwe.

We advise Mnangagwa not only to read our Notice for The Restoration of Matabeleland state but to act accordingly as time is ticking away.

To Matebeles we say stay alert as an important announcement will be made in due course.

Wonke umuntu we Matebeleland kazimisele ukulwela ilizwe lakhe ukuze sithole uzibuse. Lowu ngumlandu wethu sonke.Okunengi lizakubona kungekudala. Hlalani liqaphile !

Zembiwe ngulinda!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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