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Which fool in Matabeleland will believe tribalist Chamisa's lies?

12 Mar 2018 at 14:14hrs | Views
In a desperate effort to cover up his tribal hate for Ndebeles, to harvest Matebele votes and to feed his uncontrollable appetite for power, Nelson Chimisa had to employ a Big Lie tactic when he addressed an MDC Alliance rally at Dete, Matabeleland North last weekend.

Borrowing from the vocabulary of Mthwakazi restorationists who are usually mistaken for secessionist in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa denounced  Shonalisation of Zimbabwe, Matabeleland genocide, marginalisation of Ndebeles, suppression of their languages and culture,  discrimination of Ndebeles in the job market and economy and supported the installation of Ndebele king. He fell short of promising full independence and sovereignty for Matabeleland.

To put the icing on the propaganda cake, he said, "after my two terms in office I would love to ensure that I leave a Ndebele president in office". It is enticing to the people of Matabeleland who have never tasted freedom for over 100 years. Is it not?

Unfortunately or fortunately for Matabeleland people, this came from the mouth of a violent tribalist and supporter of Shona supremacism fresh from sending Shona thugs to assassinate Ndebele MDC T Vice president, Thokozani Khupe. The Shona speaking thugs attempted to burn her alive in a thatched hut in Buera during Morgan Tsvangirai's burial. The marauding youth which also hit her with sticks and stones, told her that no Ndebele will lead MDC T and that she was a dissident who must go back to Matabeleland. Her crime was that of assuming the position of MDC T president as per the MDC T constitution after Tsvangirai's death. Was this not the opportunity for MDC T to be led by a Ndebele person given that Tsvangirai who is from Mashonaland was in the helm for 18 long years? But Nelson Chamisa wants to take over power and hand over to a Ndebele after two terms. What hypocrisy! Which fool in Matabeleland will believe Nelson Chamisa's lies? Said Chamisa "after finishing my two terms as president will leave a Ndebele president" What nonsense is this.What will be easier; to back Thokozani Khupe as MDC T President now than to violently dislodge her in a humiliating manner and take over yourself only to pass the button to a Ndebele after two terms? This makes sense only to a kindergarten politician.

Matebeles are aware of this tired tactic as it was used by Michael Sata of Zambia when he was canvassing for votes in Barotseland in 2011. Seeing that the Barotseland restoration campaign was in full swing and no longer controllable, Sata, nicknamed Cobra, looked for ways to capitalise on that. It was simple for him. He made an electoral promise to restore the statehood of Barotseland after winning the elections. Sensing independence that was going to be delivered on a silver platter unsuspecting people of Barotseland voted for Sata in their numbers. But as soon as he was inaugurated Sata reneged on his electoral promise. Like a cobra, he turned against the people of Barotseland and struck. Any Barotse person who reminded him of his promise was thrown into jail.

Independence is a birthright for every human being on earth. It cannot be exchanged for useless Vice President positions in a failed state like Zimbabwe which is without its own currency, classified as the poor of the poorer and most corrupt countries in the world.

Chamisa demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that he is a tribalist, violent and a big danger to the Matebele nation when he sent Shona thugs to assassinate Thokozani Khupe in Buwera.

Lixhotshwa libhekile.
Wilson Mahlafuna Sibanda &  Khohliso Maqhoba

Source - Wilson Mahlafuna Sibanda & Khohliso Maqhoba
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