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The President is fire fighting a fire they started

18 Mar 2018 at 07:17hrs | Views
If one starts a fire and it grows into a bonfire then it will not be easy to extinguish it. This best illustrates how the big wigs in Zimbabwe started corruption and a few people understood the meaning. The Zanu pf led government has been corrupt from early 80s and they did nothing about it because they thought it was their entitlement!

When Dr Thomas Mapfumo sang on corruption the rot had already begun.The Willovale scandal, senior government officials claiming 100 % disability but in full time employment, GMB grain scandal and so on were they looted large sums of money. People were watching all this some even glorifying the thieves, if there is something I have noted in Zimbabwe it is celebrating dubious business people because they love the limelight flaunting their wealthy to the poor.People of integrity are not our role models anymore, few people would want to emulate Econet mogul, the humble Strive Masiyiwa,but rather we celebrate Wicknell Chivayo,Genius Kadungure, Phillip Chiyangwa because they love the showy things.

Scandal after scandal came and no one ever faced the music. In most cases those fingered in these scandals are not punished but rather applauded as seen by government's inaction as well as moving them to another portfolio were they are going to steal more. This is the reward to those that engage in corrupt tendencies like what happened to Reward Marufu after being fingered in War victims fund compensation, he was given a diplomatic post in Canada!

Fast track to 2018 Zanu pf of all people tells us No to Corruption. Is this really or some prank being played upon the people of Zimbabwe. How do they expect to fight this scourge they allowed to grow under their watch? As always they want us to believe it is other people in the system like junior civil servants yet all the fingers are pointing at them.They want people in public service declaring their assets and what about them? If this whole thing is sincere they should start by looking at themselves first, they own offshore accounts,they have kids living like royalty in foreign lands and so on. Telling people you are fighting corruption by identifying what is public knowledge on VID, ZRP traffic, Zimra is hitting a brickwall when the top brass are off the hook. Recently the lmmigration hierarchy refused to answer before a parliamentary committee. A litany of charges have been brought against them but typical of our leadership they blame juniors on corruption.

The Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, is facing resistance as he chairs another parliamentary committee were the Minister of Home Affairs is acting like a bull in china shop. Here is a Minister in charge of police behaving like a child caught with his hand in a cookie this man fit for public office ?This is the calibre of our leaders in high office, they think corrupt people are their subordinates yet some of them are the big fish that have survived because Zanu pf as long as you are in the right faction you are safe.

Immigration bosses to quote the complaints "came wearing sun scorched suits" and living at Chikurubi police houses.A few years down the line they own mansions !This sounds all familiar, Obert Mpofu, as Minister of mines became suddenly rich overnight buying properties like candy.Due to his allegiance to Zanu pf and being in the correct faction he is as safe as a bird in the air.

So,no Zanu pf you cannot fight something you brought yourselves. The only thing you can do is enjoy it while it lasts. The new government should make it a priority to view corruption as it is...a security threat.

Source - Albewere Kadada
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