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David Parirenyatwa should resign

21 Mar 2018 at 14:10hrs | Views
The Doctors and the entire health system problem has always been pending and the new Mnangagwa government should have dealt with it as soon as they came into office. The solution's curtain raiser should have been getting rid of the crooked person of David Parirenyatwa. How can you trust this man with the health of the nation when he has abused patients' funds and shown no remorse.

These are Mugabe crooks that he used for plundering resourses in his kleptocracy. He is not eager to find a solution but fixing it. We are losing relatives and friends dying because of lack of proper medication and the absence of doctors. David Parirenyatwa should resign. The problem is that he is so dishonest a person that he is willng to die in deceit and cheap fixes.
The state media on the other hand still makes it it's philosophy not to verify anything said by a government(I mean so called) official. The Herald and The Chronicle have evil and draconian policies that were the worst in the medieval past and should seize to exist as means of communication in a civilized world. They just unbelievably lie. We have always strongly suspected President Mnangagwa to be a strong coniver in the evil past and we have no reason to believe differently now unless he moves fast and eliminates all those ministers that have proved unpopular with the people. This he can do so by consulting with the communities. The people of Zimbabwe know the evil and the good elements in his government and are willing to help and keeping those is making him very unpopular. Some of his ministers, if not all, should be in jail.

This is Zimbabwe not Zanuland. Any Zimbabwean known to be capable of performing in any ministry should be accorded that opportunity. We are fed up with opportunists who turn out to be thieves.
This government has solved nothing since it came into office. This is probably the reason why the evil characters like Robert Mugabe are starting to feel that they were not bad either because they are seing nothing different with their dispensation.

Prices at the shops have skyrocketed. The prices of beef and pork are so high that you would think we are importing these from America. Some farmers are even complaining that the line of trade is so bickery that retailers buy pork for $3-50 per kg from farmers and sell it for $6-50 to $8-00. To me that is racketeering. In fact everything is just so expensive, why?

Our politics have become a joke as the scenes show some kind of madness unfolding. Some people just don't see anything wrong with our past politics and would like to join hands with the predators. May be they love power so much that they see nothing wrong with dining with the devil for it. To hell with such politicians. You need to be principled to attract honest and sane support. If you feel you cant do it just dont even try because people's lives are dependant on it. Please Zimbabweans let us stop supporting relatives and friends that we know are not capable of holding public office and perform professioally, deligently and ingenuously.

Clement Moyo
Mediation for Peace Centre
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clement Moyo
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