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We demand to know why Chiwenga deployed Ndebele soldiers in the forefront of battles to be killed in DRC & Mozambique?

29 Mar 2018 at 07:00hrs | Views
Damning information on our hands reveals that Matabele soldiers were deployed in the forefront to be killed in the battlefields in Mozambique and DRC while their Shona counterparts  were posted in safer positions. This way over 90% of soldiers who died in the wars in DRC and Mozambique were Matebeles.

MLO believes the then commander of the ZDF,  Constantino Chiwenga and the government of Zimbabwe have a case to answer.

Out of all government organs, Zimbabwe National Army ZNA  is the only one that recruits a considerable number of Ndebele people. Sometimes if there were few recruits in Matabeleland with O' level passes the army would bend its laws to accommodate Matabeles without O' levels.

Given the fact that Matabeles are locked out of Zimbabwe job market, have you ever wondered why the ZNA is so generous than others, and taking in such a big number of young people from Matabeleland?

It is nothing but Judas's kiss!

"Place Uriah in the front line of the fiercest battle and withdraw from him, so that he may be struck down and die," wrote King David to his Commander, Joab, in a leader that was delivered by the victim, Uriah.

For King David, the murder of Uriah was an attempt to cover up the sin of  adultery. For gukurahundists in Zimbabwe it was a new subtle way of depopulating Matebeles by making it look like the victims of a clear genocide were casualties of wars.

This shows that the gukurahundist who once travelled as far as North Korea to seek ways to annihilate Matebeles will always look for new  secret ways to kill Matabeles as long as they live and rule Zimbabwe.

King David's dirty cover up backfired. Matabeleland genocide of the 80s backfired as the victims and observers told it all. Skeletons of over 40 000 Matebeles buried in shallow graves, mine shafts and caves were discovered. This latest genocide has been discovered as the survivors of the gory act in DRC and Mozambique have whispered to MLO. We demand answers from Chiwenga and the government of Zimbabwe.
The Shona supremacists and genocidist have contaminated Zimbabwe politics to an extent that abusing and killing Matabeles has now become a  favourate sport  in Zimbabwe.

This is evident as young  opposition leaders like Nelson Chamisa have adopted the Zanupf genocide policies. His initiation into leadership of MDC T was marked in Matebele blood. The Zimbabwe political and social landscape is dangerous for the people of Matabeleland.

For the poor masses of Matabeleland. It is a matter of choosing between being a law abiding citizen of Zimbabwe and be a target of genocide, tribalism, hatred and marginalisation and joining Matabeleland restoration cause to liberate yourself and live in peace in an independent and sovereign state of Matabeleland.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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