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Mnangagwa's short-lived glory!

05 Apr 2018 at 07:01hrs | Views
President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (EDM) remains as a most accomplished game-changer history-maker who cheated the local witches in his mother's womb and beyond! The colonial gallows at youth for his most energetic and strategic political activism that broke the then Fort Victoria Railway Line! Cheated multiple bullets and bombardments, ground and air strikes at the war zone during the war of liberation! And, most recently, cheated death from that Grace Mugabe G40 Gushungo Dairies customised poisoned Ice Cream at that Jahunda Youth Interface Rally mid 2017 by defying the odds and scaling his way-out of a ready-made Heroes Acre grave into short-lived extreme Grace Mugabe denigration! Expulsion from The Vice Presidency! And forced short-lived exile! Back as The Prople's Prince into the presidency through a historic rainbow revolution which made him the world's most short-lived most powerful man for a fortnight as he pegged his unceremonious exit against popular will. At this juncture President Mnangagwa chose to go into variance with the voice of God expressed in his favour through mass-action against Mugabe and became a military political hostage and lost the rainbow revolution! President Emmerson Mnangagwa faces a silent revolt and resentment that he stands to witness upon the streets the Robert Gabriel Mugabe fashion after the same rainbow landslide victory at the July 2018 elections. EDM stands a grand chance to come-out as most severely bruised in this July 2018 election!

The rainbow revolution remains in tact and fully braced for a new political dispensation after brave betrayal by now President Mnangagwa! EDM betrayal served as a strong point of call and re-energising agent for the anti-Mugabe rainbow revolution to re-group! This time, anti EDM! Re-strategise! Re-brand and re-energise into a strong and irresistable rainbow July 2018 whirl-wind to Restore Legacy. Mnangagwa's tangible most odd achievement was the dishing-out of bribery luxury Isuzu Double Cab Vehicles to The Traditional Leaders at a huge cost as top-priority! And more uncreative open bribery to The President of The Chief's Council, Fortune Charumbira, as a free-riding passenger on government business to The African Union conference in Rwanda when health institutions and other state strategic infrastructure and functions fully collapsed over his almost four decades tenure as a most infuential Senior Cabinet Minister, and, later, Vice President over Mugabe's 37 years of most sorry rule, and now President respectively. EDM served in government as a most feard and notorious decision-maker closest to Mugabe and long-eyed and pronounced heir-apparent whose only unforeseen challenge was Grace Mugabe's uncalculated ambitions to the presidium and terminal influence upon her senile husband. So for that reason, EDM had to be packaged-out at all costs! Dead or alive! The Zimbabwean rainbow community was negligent in not paying attention to the fact that this EDM and Mugabe conflict was not over issues of good governance but rather a clean personal conflict over breach of trust, loyalty and lost gainful employment within themselves! And nothing for the ailing multitudes. EDM sat in great comfort in steategic decision-making positions for 37 solid years in the Mugabe atrocity-ridden government! Where was his conscience over almost four decades of the rule of the jungle in Zimbabwe? From the prevailing situation, EDM and General Chiwenga rose to defend their gainful employment as top priority and not the people! They have surely achieved that in good measure as opposed to the people's assumed revolution! These characters have gone nowhere beyond George Orwel's Animal Farm type of administration. The Traditional Leaders, have, in the past, been lubricated as the front-line point of both electoral terrorism and fraud! A non-critical ceremonial institution that presides over traditional issues and witchcraft conflicts in rural areas. It is this community influence that has been so fraudulently taken advantage-of for the purposes of coercing the rural populations to vote for the ruling party! The Chiefs and their president have long been corrupted into playing most supremo guards to the entrenchment of retrogressive rural idiocy upon the populations that they preside-over in favour of the ruling ZANU-PF. Their brief was to mount an Iron Curtain against all opposition activity in their respective jurisdictions at all costs.

Multitudes of people had risen above their traditional allegiances in support of the assumed unwavering and most experienced Messianic Prince! That was driven by the belief that learning never stopped even in the most adverse of circumstances such as those that EDM had been either a champion-of, or an active participant-in, or accomplice to, over Mugabe's rule of the jungle! In no way could EDM plead innocent of The Gukurahundi massacre that exterminated of over 20 000 Matabele in The Midlands and Matabele provinces! At one stage he termed the exercise as the fumigation of cochroaches in a government address to the Lupane community at the height of the atrocities. The opposition! Civil Society and The Clergy with a section of Mugabe's ZANU-PF! EDM was swept into power more by the Tsvangirai majority opposition and civil society. For a fortnight EDM was the most powerful man in the world going by his rainbow following. When he ascended into power he negligently burnt all the bridges as top-most priority and anointed only one of the partners in the revolution! The military institution! And ushered every other such partner into the political dust-bin. Political oblivion! That marked the beginning of The Emmerson Mnangagwa unceremonial departure! There was no way that EDM could have governed beyond his blessers! The likes of Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai, Dr. Joice Mujuru, Professor Welshman Ncube, Dr. Dumiso Dabengwa, Business, The Clergy and Civil Society! Cheap greed was allowed to prevail over profitable good governance! Shame on EDM! These EDM blessers are the characters who took to the streets of Harare and Bulawayo enmasse in support of the then, assumed People's Prince to legitimise the political atmosphere of the day! This is a man who resented the manifestation of a historical natural One Party State under his leadership! The forfeiture of popuplar will, and, therefore, the capacity to win any free and fair election! A free and fair election would be the most dangerous venture for EDM and cronies in July 2018. The ruling ZANU-PF has shrunk to the level below Mugabe's exit with exacerbated poverty and cash shortages! And more foreign speculative high-powered delegations whose outcomes remain as tied to a free and fair July 2018 election. Public Service downing of tools and hospitals of both horror and terror! And the same old Robert Mugabe multi-skilled team of looters in strategic positions! And still remained as untouchables! A cosmetic customised repatriation of looted and externalised funds! The most grave silence on human rights activist Itai Dzamara! EDM' highway to political destitution.

The rainbow revolution has now re-converged under the Movement for Democratic Change led by the youthful and energetic Advocate Nelson Chamisa for an obvious another historical landslide electoral victory as the late Tsvangirai's previous severals! Landslide victory after landslide victory since year 2000 with now, most feeble ruling party opposition to The Rainbow Coalition. Dr. Thokozani Khupe, a most uncalculating formerly Movement for Democratic Change affirmative action lackey of the worst order, stands to make zero impact beyond Honourable Obert Gutu and her immediate family and bodyguards in the political market place. She was a product of the late Morgan Tsvangirai's uncalculated generosity! Or, may-be Morgan Tsvangirai was also warry of surrounding himself with a leader of substance. Dr. Thokozani Khupe, as Vice President of The Tsvangirai Movement for Democratic Change, would have, naturally, found her job gone when she returned from a strategic political marketing trip in The United Kingdom where she addressed a make or break audience to the effect that she was in politics for money! Lady Money-Maker upon 13.5 million people as president! That is confirmed non-presidential material! Zimbabwe is looking for patriotic nationalists as against the usual cheap quality hurried opportunists of Dr. Thokozani Khupe's kind. Her Ladyship gambled away a most grand strategic leadership opportunity. She surely has to rise above that National Railways of Zimbabwe Security Guard mentality in the presidium of The Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai.

Dr. Nkosana Moyo has also thrown-in his weight into the political marketplace for the July presidential elections on erroneously assumed popularity! An international civil servant of corporate repute but non-achiever in the Zimbabwean political context beyond resenting and rejecting Mugabe's ministerial offer as Minister of Industry and International Trade in The War Cabinet of the time! A technocrat only known in technocratic circles shopping for a presidential vote in Uzumba Marambapfungwe, Tsholotsho and Rutenga! Or even his home-zone - Mberengwa! And various other insignicant strange others geared for the electoral contest as mere gap-fillers making-up the numbers to run along EDM's natural collapse and Nelson Chamisa's predictable most youthful victory of angry multitudes in the rainbow revolution.

Every Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that EDM has either achieved or gathered from The East, West, South and The North is never binding but remains as nothing above mere acknowledgement of intention pegged on a credible electoral out-come. Capital is security sensitive and its heart lives on its wings! Capital flees from any form of insecurity! Neither The Chinese nor The Russians would blindly release such investment upon a favourite horse on such a doubtful or predictable electoral race-course. The rainbow revolution marked by EDM's historical first vacuum 100 days in office with The Chiefs being well-placed among the most brutalised needy.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola. Cell 0775184749 (whatsapp).

Source - Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
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