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The church and politics, the Zimbabwean perspective

by Chaguta
08 Apr 2018 at 19:58hrs | Views
The church has played a major role in Zimbabwean politics. It has moulded good leaders and has been idiolated by bad leaders too. Every politician in Zimbabwe has had an inclination towards religion. Some took advantage of religion and abused religion. To some religion is their way of life and are guided by their religion to do good things.

Abel Tondekai Muzorewa who fronted the UANC in the late 70s and early 80s was a Bishop. He used his influence in the church to seek political office in the short lived Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Muzorewa was a puppet of the Smith regime who wanted to perpetuate colonial rule. This united methodist church leader used religion to persue the Whiteman's agenda.

In 1980 Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF romped into power with a promise of freedom and democracy. As an avowed catholic Robert became a darling of the Queen of England who knighted him. Sir Robert manipulated religion for his own good. Despite claiming to be a catholic Robert would be seen at various church organizations wearing their robes. This was done only to steal those believers of their vote.

Morgan Richard Tsvangirai the leader of the MDC-T went to the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. He never at one time mixed his religious beliefs with his political beliefs. Tsvangirai was indeed a man of his ways who feared God and never abused the church for his own selfish needs.

The current president of Zimbabwe soon after getting into power he sneaked into the methodist church in Zimbabwe and claimed to be one of them. Prior to this I believed he was a follower of Mudzidzi Wimbo for I have pictures of him at Wimbo's shrine. So recently before the trip to China he was at Mbungu in Masvingo at ZCC convention. Surely Mnangagwa like his predecessor Mugabe has resorted to abuse the church for political milage. He shouldn't forget how Grace Mugabe abused the apostolic church and the downfall of Robert Mugabe.

Nelson Chamisa the current leader of the MDC-T Alliance is an ordained pastor who clearly understands the power of the church. He advised that the church is a place of worship not of politicking. I agree with him in total on this.

Today as a Sunday was in church. Alas what a shocker. I saw this man I saw yesterday on a poster at an MDC-T Alliance rally in Bulawayo. Seated next to him I presume is his wife. This is the humblest man I have ever seen. It's non other than Felix Magagela Mafa Sibanda. I just sneaked a photo of him unaware.

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