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MDC Alliance will win 2018 election

04 May 2018 at 08:58hrs | Views
The 18 November 2017 ouster of former President Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe has ushered in a new political dispensation which has erased and evaporated fear in people.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has faced one of his toughest political career since he assumed power after he dethroned the incumbent Mugabe from power.

Taking a critical analysis of the past six months, President Mnangagwa has faced a fair share of challenges ranging from cash crisis which he has failed to address, the failure to bring to book and arrestin of people who have externalised thousands of dollars and finally the striking nurses.

The ruling party will face one of its toughest mammoth challenge from the opppsition. The recently held primaries exposed the party,  where big wigs have been sent reeling for example Abednico Ncube was heavily defeated in Gwanda by Zimbabwe Broadcasting  journalist Omphile Marupi and a number of seasoned prominent leaders who wanted to seek political posts were booted out. This is a true reflection of what is likely to come up in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

One is left wondering what happened to the criteria of including the young people in leadership.

Zanu PF has been left vulnerable and this is a big chance for the opposition to come up with one big grand coalition that will write a final obituary to the revolutionary party.

Alternatively the opposition needs to put it's house in order as the ruling party can rise from the slumber and pull a trigger. There is still chaotic planning and disharmony within the opposition beacuse of political vultures who have an insatiable appetite to grab power at all costs.

Nelson Chamisa who is leading the MDC-T Alliance is a budding young political leader who is more appealing to the new generation, the unconquerable and charismatic Chamisa is being penetrative in areas where Zanu PF used to be a stronghold.

However he should be reminded not to over promise the electorate. He stands a chance to win the election if all other political groupings endorse him and can win in the first round. If it stands as it is, there will be no outright winner and a run off will suffice or formation of a government of national unity.

The National Patriotic Front (NPF) led by retired Brigadier Ambrose Mutunhiri is ready to foil Zanu PF's shenanigans and mischief in the forthcoming harmonized elections and they have  vowed to cure what they are saying is a coup. Like a jilted lover NPF is leaving no stone unturned and they are fighting like a wounded lion to make sure that Emmerson Mnangagwa loses the election.

This is the ever Zanu PF split in Zimbabwean political history since independence. National Patriotic Front is in a fix zone of thermal disturbance where temperatures are rising high on daily basis. They don't want to give any breathing space to Zanu PF. It's a cat and mouse relationship.

On the other side Mnangagwa is also committing political suicide and digging his own grave. For example some of his statements are in bad state. During the nurses' strike when he was addressing the Apostolic sect members he said ,  "Chinhu chine vene vacho" literally meaning this thing has its owners. Such kind of utterances for someone who declared that the voice of the people is the voice of the Lord does not resonate well with the electorate.

Our government is also under siege. Some of the decisions being made are too militant.

During the just ended primaries where there were a lot of ireggularites the disgruntled Zanu PF members accused the commissariat Rugeje of rigging the primaries and the supporters teamed up started protesting and chanting "Chamisa pfee! Chamisa pfee!" at their party's Headquarters in Harare.

Such kind of behaviour are warning shots to Zanu-PF to quickly address it's supporters

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been accused of lying after he slammed Zanu-PF for using police officers and security agencies to manage the security of the Zanu-PF Primary Elections. Mnangagwa said that state institutions are supposed to be impartial and should not be abused by political parties and promised to look into the matter.

From a memo which was circulating around the social media, it said President Mnangagwa was there when the memo was signed and approved on tye 27th of April 2018. With the global world  and international observers watching, this does not augur well for the image of our country.

Another biggest disappointment in the recently announced results of ZANU PF primaries was the fact that only 22 women (11%) were elected. Political parties need to be held accountable on their commitment to the attainment of gender equality within the decision making spaces. More women should be voted into power as decision and policy makers.

I feel pity for the President, who is trying to attract both foreign and regional investors and his spirited effort to turn this country to a new economic  powerhouse is facing such challenges. It looks like he is a lone ranger in the firing squad whilst others are just bystanders.

He is surrounded by political novices, some who have personal agendas. It's unfortunate that his political advisors lack the vision and sometimes fail to read the people's mood.

Our health care is in intensive care unit. There are no drugs in our hospitals and this is proved by a number of government officials who go out of the country to seek medical attention. People are dying of incurable diseases.

Corruption has never been addressed and will haunt him to the end.
The service delivery amongst the communities is poor.  The is still erratic supply of unclean water and the available is not even suitable for drinking but for domestic purposes like gardening and washing.

The talk Zimbabwe is open for business has been just on paper and the signed economy deals have never materialised.  Workers rights continue to be abused and no one cares. No serious investors have come into the country. They are still sitting on the fence and monitoring the political development in the country because they would not like to risk their money on vultures.

Unemployment and poverty both in urban and rural areas are still rampant. Most of the youths have resorted to vending so as to eke out a living. The future of the young people remains bleak and prospects of them getting employment are so dull. The rural folks remain marginalised with poor road network and lack of agricultural inputs. They are keeping their hope high and think one day the God's will smile at them removal of Mugabe would usher in a new lease of life but nothing is coming up. It's a do or die election. Let the best man win.

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