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Zapu Firebrand Moyo lights up Zapu Europe AGM

22 May 2018 at 09:09hrs | Views
Zapu Europe Province held its annual general meeting last Saturday in Leicester in the United Kingdom. All the existing districts were represented. The highlight was the guest speaker, Dr Edwin Moyo, who had travelled all the way from the United States to deliver his keynote address. Dr Moyo was meant to have joined the Zapu president Dr Dumiso Dabengwa who did not make it due to delayed visa processing by the British authorities.

Dr Moyo certainly delivered and kept the attendants glued to their seats, yearning for more. Such brilliance, such eloquence, such clarity of thought and integrity! Sharp shooting from the hip, no unnecessary exaggerations and embellishment of the facts that we have become accustomed to from some power hungry politicians from the motherland.

First he presented a message from the Zapu president explaining the reasons why the president failed to attend the event as planned. The president offered his apologies to the travelling and local members who had set aside their time to attend the meeting, foregoing their economic pursuits of fending for both their families in the diaspora and relatives back home as a result of the challenging situation at home where the economic recovery remains a pipe dream. This despite the second-hand government masquerading as a brand new entity offering a new era.

Then he delved into his main speech. He gave a brief summary of the state of the party at present and confirmed recent developments such as the merger between Zapu and PDZ,  formely led by Barbara Nyagomo. He reiterated Zapu's commitment to meaningful coalition-making and cooperative working. Zapu continues to push for a grand coalition as this seems to be the most credible way of ensuring that Zanu bites the dust once and for all. He covered how petty issues of selfish leadership is hampering any efforts to form a formidable grand coalition. The big man mentality being one such stumbling block where some opposition parties believe they can go it alone despite previous unsuccessful attempts of single-handedly trying to dislodge Zanu.  

Zapu possesses the know-how of dismantling entrenched evil systems of governance, discrimination and marginalisation. He reminded the audience that it was Zapu that played a key role in achieving Zimbabwe's independence. He added that Zapu still has the key to full liberation and economic emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe, having not wavered from the true ideals of the liberation struggle. Zapu has the blueprint for success which, had it won the first elections in 1980, the country would not be in the same economic mess and social chaos it finds itself in today. He then went on to explain the challenges and opportunities facing the Zapu of today. These include championing the flagship policy of devolution of power that will allow local people to benefit from local resources such as the timber and mineral deposits of Matabeleland and the diamonds of the Chiadzwa catchment area. Devolution of power will indeed empower all regions of Zimbabwe and lead to localised decision-making and prioritisation of needs. Dr Moyo reminded the audience that the jury is still out for the current government but added that so far it was not looking so rosy as promised after the fall of Robert Mugabe . However, he stated that the litmus test would be whether the coming elections would be free, fair and credible. Underline the word credible as it means more than just free and fair.

The recovery of the economy is another test that awaits the next government and would be better tackled by a new party in power than the tired and clueless Zanu. Yet it is clear that the Mnangagwa administration would not escape the scourge of the Gukurahundi genocide if they somehow sneak into power again. Dr Moyo challenged the youth to stand up and be counted as the country was collapsing under their watch. The congregants stayed glued to their seats throughout with both men and women resisting the live broadcast of the FA Cup Final and the Royal Wedding in the next hall. It was a good gesture when Dr Moyo decided to stay behind for more questions outside his allocated slot. In the words of veteran politician, Mr Nick Landa, Zapu is back for good and the future of Zimbabwe can only be in better hands if the people vote for this party that has remained true to its ideals since its formation in the 1960s.

Zapu youth speeches were delivered by Mduduzi Ndlovu who warned the party to be wary of hijackers who want Zimbabwe to succumb to the new imperialists be they from the east or west. The youth chairman spoke for the rebranding of Zapu to ensure that the message continues to resonate with young people as they are ones who will decide this election. Arnold Dube supported his colleague but he called for more direct action at home and abroad to compel the perpetrators and their handlers to address the current problems bedevilling our beloved country.

Ms Susan Ndlovu, the PEC Chairlady thanked the province for their unity and commitment which has seen their support bear fruit at home where we are seeing the upsurge in Zapu activities at grassroots level and the steady growth in membership.

Source - Samkelo Nkomo
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