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Donald Trump's America is a Nightmare

29 May 2018 at 19:44hrs | Views
America is like an uncivilized fool that would even poison a river just because it wants to kill a crocodile. And when you poison a river, you don't only kill the crocodiles, but you would also end up killing or harming other innocent species that depends on that river.  

The list of rivers that were poisoned by America is long and endless. And many rivers are still contaminated to this day. But the world has a duty to stop this madness.

With a dangerous dinosaur that wants all the attention now in the White House, the world is now like a bad dream. The dinosaur is now tramping the world, with no clear aim or destination in mind. It is a typical dinosaur politics, get out of my way or I will eat you up.

A true leader is someone who leads even after death. Meaning that people would still live by your ideals, principles and wisdom long after you are gone. But that is not how Trump is. Even a prostitute would probably be a better president than Donald Trump.

Trump could go around the world shouting,' I am so intelligent that I even getting bored of being intelligent. I am so clever I even getting tired of being clever. I am so great that I even getting bored of being great. I am even getting tired of winning every time.' But in truth he is more dangerous and unpredictable than a drunken madman.

Donald Trump is not really interested in making peace; he is more interested in making his own history or legacy, regardless of the cost. He seems to think that he is in a popularity contest with Barack Obama. He hated everything that Obama has achieved and he is determined to destroy anything with a name Obama on it. All he wants is to have a better legacy than Obama. But only one thing stood on his way, the Nobel peace prize.

But regardless of what he says, I am strongly convinced that Donald Trump is desperate to get the Nobel peace prize in order to match Barack Obama's legacy. If he had a choice, Trump would definitely strip Obama of the Noble peace prize.
So in a desperate move to become a Nobel laureate, President Trump has extended a fake olive branch to North Korea.  But after getting his Nobel Prize (which I hopefully he will not get), Donald Trump is likely to attack Iran and turn the blood of innocent Iranians into his tea and wine. Then he could also go on to poison many more rivers around the world, all in the name of killing crocodiles.

It is just a trap. But North Korea is not that stupid. And it has an astute China on its side as it tries to make peace with the devil. Both Trump and Kim are actually two devils pretending to be smoking a peace pipe. None of them could be trusted. And none of them is a better devil either. This is just about a strong devil forcing the young devil to saw or cut its horns while the strong devil is actually the one with the longest horns. It is like a crocodile forcing a lizard to remove its teeth because they are ugly and dangerous, while the crocodile keeps its teeth.
It is true that North Korea is a brutal regime. Pyongyang is prepared to burn down its own people and use their ashes for gunpowder. But America is also an indirect complicity in North Korea's brutality.
By amassing thousands of American troops and sophisticated military hardware in South Korea and Japan, North Korea has become paranoia because of those hostile troops at its doorstep. So it has no choice but to arm itself to the teeth.

What was North Korea supposed to do after America had deployed those troops at its doorstep? Were they supposed to just keep quiet and pray? North Korea is really scared.

If you were to corner a hungry tiger, don't complain that it is a violent animal when it becomes aggressive. The human law dictates that you must defend and protect what you have. That is why America was even prepared to go for a nuclear war against the Soviet Union, after the later had deployed ballistic missiles in the Caribbean communist island.

America has deployed its deadly military hardware at the doorsteps of many other nations, all in the name of defending their allies and its interests. But when other nations do the same, they are called 'sponsors of terror.'

When America and her allies attack their enemies, they would call it 'liberation' or 'self-defense.' But when other countries do the same, America would call it an 'invasion,' 'aggression' or even 'terrorism.'

When you are on the side of America, you are a 'smart guy.' But if you are against them, then you are a 'terrorist.'
Apparently some countries had the right to defend themselves, with permission from America. But others had no right to defend themselves, without permission from America.

America's madness is long and ugly. Jonas Savimbi was treated like a golden boy by the Americans. He drank tea at the White House. And he was probably allowed to make a drunken call to the White House in the dead of the night.  

But while Savimbi was treated as a 'smart boy' and he was being welcomed with flowers at the White House, Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters were branded as hardcore terrorists by America. That is the past now. But we will always remember where America stood during our times of difficulties. When you are sick, you would always remember the one who gave you medicines, but not the one who gave you poison.

Whether you call a crocodile an alligator, it does not really change its menu or characters. America will never change. So North Korea should not be so desperate to drop its sword. In the end, the dog that bites is the one that is feared most. But not the one that barks the loudest. America bites, while North Korea mostly barks.

It is obvious that Donald Trump can't lead the world. He will only confuse the world. The world does not need a leader who behaves like a stranded prostitute in Dubai.

The much anticipated meeting which was/is scheduled to take place between Trump and Kim was/is nothing but an 'attention shopping vacation' by Trump. Almost everything that Donald Trump does is just for attention shopping. But now he wants to play 'saint' in order to gain the sympathy of the world. You can't pretend to be a saint to some while you are playing 'Pharaoh' or 'Goliath' politics to others.

When a wolf is trying to befriend a dog, it is either because life in the wild is tough, or the wolf sees the dog as a potential meal. That is what Trump is trying to do to North Korea.
America has enough resources to defend other nations. But it seems that it has no enough resources to protect the African-Americans who are being shot as if they were deer by the American police.

Palestine has become a slaughterhouse, but all Trump does is say nothing, do nothing, tweet nothing and treat Benyamin Netanyahu as if he was a saint. All Trump does is to praise the 'butcher of Gaza and the West Bank,' Netanyahu.
So why should we complain when vultures are being killed and keep quiet when chickens are being killed? Why are we being told that lizards are the dangers to the world while the crocodiles that kill people are being treated as saints? Why should we kill the snakes that spits while leaving the ones that bites alive?

The best way to solve our problems is always through human wisdom, not madness. You don't burn down a house just because it is infested with rats. You don't burn down or throw away your garment/blanket just because it is infested with lice. You just have to kill the lice and their eggs. Then you can continue to use/wear your garment/blanket, just as the same way with marriage/relationship. You can't destroy your marriage/relationship just because there are lice.
But it seems Trump is one of those kinds of fools that would burn down his jacket/trouser just because it is infested with lice.

Yes, you can teach a dog how to hunt, but you can't teach it how to use a spade. So you can't change Donald Trump.
However, we need to stand up. We have to use our power and potentials. We can no longer keep quiet and watch while America is going around the world poisoning the rivers just because it wants to kill a few crocodiles.  Yes, they can kill their crocodiles, but at what cost?

We need to realize that the most powerful things are not nuclear bombs, aircraft carriers, drones or a stupid tweet from Donald Trump. The most powerful things on earth are the people. And in this this age of the social media at our disposal, we can even start a hash tag, '#Don't buy American,' where by each country would compile a list of all American products or businesses that are found in that particular country. Then we just stop supporting or buying from them.

We have a duty to stop damn wars and make the world a better place for all. There is nothing stronger than a fearless mind. So we dare not dread!   
Salom Shilongo is the author of the book, 'The Hopeless Hopes.' Email:

Source - Salom Shilongo
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