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Bring back medic alert jewelry

04 Jun 2018 at 07:16hrs | Views
People suffering from diabetes must always were medical alert jewelry saying they are diabetic. Same with hypertension and asthma. Many people have unnecessarily lost their lives because those with them will not know how to help when struck down by hypoglycemia or asthmatic attack.

Medic alert bracelets and necklaces showing someone's vulnerable medical condition would go a long way in alerting bystanders to the person's condition. Public awareness on how to render first-aid to such people would greatly complement uses of medic alerts.

Not so long ago medical alert jewelry was in use here in Zimbabwe, why it was discontinued at a time when noncommunicable diseases are on the offensive boggles the mind. Diabetes knows no age groups nor class, anyone can fall victim to these maladies. Those in food manufacturing are protecting their markets by not telling people what foods are likely to cause diabetes in later years.

The pharmaceutical industry is making a killing on drugs that are taken over a lifetime, all the zeal to eliminate a disease has vanished.

They would rather let the disease flourish but in a reduced performance mode on selected medicines. What we need is a paradigm shift and 'migrate' back to the foods that our ancestors ate. Man is destroying himself, alas!

Thomas Murisa. Harare.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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