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'Free elections are necessary to end autocratic rule,' Uncle Sam tells ED for 100 000 time

27 Jun 2018 at 20:10hrs | Views
"The upcoming elections are a once-in-a-generation chance for the people of Zimbabwe to move forward after decades of autocratic rule," Senator Flake said. "The ZDERA Amendment Act reinforces that if the Government of Zimbabwe is serious about bringing change to its people, starting with free and fair elections, it will find a willing partner in the U.S."

"This legislation reflects our sincere hope that Zimbabwe makes a transition to a peaceful, democratic, just, and prosperous nation," Senator Coons said. 

"A free, fair, and credible election is a necessary, but insufficient step to increased levels and areas of cooperation with the United States. Zimbabwe's leaders must also commit to a peaceful and constitutional transfer of power in order to reflect the will of the Zimbabwean people. We look forward to the fulfilment of the commitments President Mnangagwa has made to the people of Zimbabwe to pursue broader political and economic reform, and to a deeper partnership between the United States and Zimbabwe as sufficient progress is made on these necessary reforms."

Hallelujah! Amen! YES! YES! Yes, indeed, these "elections are a once-in-a-generation chance for the people of Zimbabwe to move forward after decades of autocratic rule!" And a chance the nation will be very foolish to waste!

President Mnangagwa has been reminded 100 000 times and 100 000 times again to implement the democratic reforms to ensure this year's elections are free and fair but would not listen. No one, in all honesty, can say these elections are free and credible.

There is no free public media. ZEC has failed to register the targeted 7 million voters because there was no time to do so. But worse still, ZEC has failed to produce a verified voters' roll and it is impossible to pretend this was not deliberate. Zanu PF has once again looted the nation's coffers to bankroll the party's campaign and vote rigging schemes. One can go on and on!

The only positive in this year's elections is that there has not been any of the usual in-your-face politically motivated violence. The Police and CIO have been unusually quite; they have not played their usual role of harassing the opposition and turning a blind eye to Zanu PF thuggery. It is no secret that most of the Police and CIO top brass supported Mugabe and hence the reason there was a purge in the two organs following last November's coup.

It seems President Mnangagwa has been forced to take his foot off the violence pedal because the is not sure the Police and CIO would play along and if they did they would not spill the beans. If Zanu PF was to get back into power, the junta will spend the next five years "cleaning" the Police and CIO of all Mugabe supporters. The bomb blast last Saturday was a timely reminder the factional war in the party is not yet over.

There is no doubt that Zanu PF has imploded in the last five years and is at its weakest; apply the right leverage and the party will be forced to accept the need to implement the democratic reforms and the holding of free, fair and credible elections.

President Mnangagwa has promised free, fair and credible elections to soften the international community's criticism of his illegitimacy following November military coup. He has clearly failed to deliver free and fair elections and the international community must declare these elections null and void. President Mnangagwa and his junta must be left in no doubt, they must either deliver free and fair elections or ship out!

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