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Bishop Lazarus of the Sunday Mail column off side

09 Jul 2018 at 07:36hrs | Views
It is now difficult to peddle propaganda in this super-information highway

Let me put it straight that my ego and feelings towards Bishop Lazarus of the Sunday Mail column can't be eroded away before I could share with my fellow Zimbabweans.

I didn't want to comment on political issues on such a beautiful Sunday morning but I am  tempted to give it a shot. Inasmuch as bootlicking is concerned our Bishop Lazarus of the Later Day , New Day or whatever church he belongs to canjot go unchallenged. Bishop is always reading from a different verse whenever he is delivering his sermon in the church. It's difficult to peddle propaganda in this super-information highway , where there is a variety of news sources across the globe.

We have Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram , Skype you name it. By trying to bootlick anyone from Zanu-PF one must have positive and powerful information because we have known these political shenanigans for a long time. We must have a critical look at the challenges facing the ruling party than spending acres of spaces in newspapers trying to sanitise their bad acts.

Bishop Lazarus's comments during Mugabe's era were neither positive on the opposition and whenever he looks at an opposition figure he only sees an enemy of the state rather than a watchdog.

Bishop's assertion on Mugabe was that he was the only person with sharp brains to rule Zimbabwe and that no one was supposed to challenge him. Then Bishop continued with his bootlicking antics like never before. Bishop goes by the wind if the wind doesn't go with him. I am surprised by how he quickly and swiftly changed allegiances from Mugabe to Emmerson Mnangagwa. Surprisingly Robert Mugabe was booted out of power by his own people and Bishop couldn't see this coming. He has an insatiable appetite to criticise the opposition as if they are the ones causing the suffering of the people in the country.

Zanu PF's policies are not clear and they dont have a clear agenda on how to improve the economy if the country. There is consistency in their policies. They have now abondoned the ZimAsset. Bishop Lazarus should be telling us on how the government has gone with this ZimAsset  economic blue print.

Every time I flip open the Sunday Mail newspaper Bishop Lazarus is always  busy cruising through some opposition leaders and failing to raise a red flag on government's corrupt office bearers. Bishop is most of his time paying a blind eye to Zanu-PF factionalism but looking at the shot falls of the opposition.

I remember reading one of his articles,  where he was dismissing the existence of factionalism in the ruling party. It's really known that there is G40 and The Lacoste team. Alternatively Emmerson Mnangagwa always mention and talk about the G40 cabal. In  the recent White City Stadium bomb blast President Emmerson Mnangagwa cited the G40 as the perpetrators and the ones who have caused that bomb blast.

This clearly shows that factionalism does really exists in Zanu-PF. Bishop Lazarus cannot fool the whole country with his propaganda machinery. It's unfortunate that he can willy nilly ignore the mistakes and errors made by ZEC Chairperson Mrs Priscilla Chigumba. Bishop Lazarus is already in the defensive mode. His  bootlicking button is right on standby before even the first vote is cast. We can't start giving credit to Judge Chigumba before the elections are held. She must pass the test of handling Zimbabwe elections and be credited after the polls. We know Chigumba is not the one calling the shots.

Bishop must be reminded that there is nothing new in Zanu-PF's camp. It's the same old story of lying to the electorate. I believe people will not be hoodwinked to believe that the party has reformed and that it is now glirding on new ideas. The people have the power to choose and decide who should lead them.

For an example the chaotic scenes at Chipadze Stadium where people were attempting to leave the stadium and the military police, the police and dogs were barring the people from leaving the venue. That should send a signal to the ruling party gone are the days when the party used to force people to go to attend rallies by closing their markets. Many people ended up not listening to the President's speech. The presence of heavily armed security personnel is not supposed to be the case especially when people are gathered for political rallies. It scares away people. People were beaten by dogs and some got injured during the scuffle.

Bishop Lazarus was silent on that incident and chose to singing for his supper. Truly he can't bite the hand that feeds him. I will not stop reading his articles because they keep the leadership in a relaxed mode.

Zanu PF' s bag of tricks is now empty and Bishop Lazarus knows that. This is a party that comes with more promises especially when it is election time.

In their last election manifesto of 2013, the party promised Zimbabweans 2.2 million jobs and interestingly a former Zanu PF's Minister Pyscology Maziwisa who happened to be another bootlicker of the old dispension  supported the idea and testified that the jobs have been created hence a lot of people flooding our streets selling.

Another Highfield East aspiring member of Parliament is promising free WiFi to Highfield people. As it stands the roads in Highfield are in poor state. This aspiring house of Aseembly member thinks that he is doing a great service to the people and yet free WiFi should be available at all recreational places. I remember on another day when I was walking along a street in Mamelodi Pretoria South Africa I passed by a certain secondary school and there was free WiFi where everybody could surf and access internet for free.

This is how it should be in the country but we spent the whole three decades attacking the opposition who have ideas. This is showing  how desperate the party has become. We were taught to believe that new and modern things are a far fetched idea in Zimbabwe and we have to be content with what we have. So sad indeed. Can real Bishop Lazarus give us a break on his propaganda antics antics nd give us a new sermon of uniting the warring parties whether from the ruling party or  the opposition.

Bishop Lazarus should start preaching on unity and progress for a greater Zimbabwe.


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Source - Leonard Koni
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