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'Ndebeles are dull thats why there are no medical schools in Matabeleland

11 Jul 2018 at 13:48hrs | Views
Are Matabeles really dull as we are told every day by Shona supremacist? That is wogwash. Anyone who believes this would believe that Emmerson Mnangagwa is a saint.

In our last two articles we revealed how Matabeles in the Zimbabwe army are put in the forefront of wars to be killed in foreign countries, and how they are abused and poisoned in the prisons. It does not end there. The conspiracy against Matabeles is far more deeper, ruthless and complicated.

The damage caused is way beyond imagination as we reveal today why there is no school of law or school of medicine in Matabeleland universities.

In 2000 the School of Medicine where doctors were being trained at NUST, was closed for some political and spurious reasons designed to serve the interests of the evil1979 Grand Plan.

This was primarily to deny Matabeles to have their own doctors and depend on the shona doctors who neither speak local languages or give appropriate service to Matabele patients. To create employment and business opportunities for shona people while tribally discriminating and denying Matabeles the same opportunities. To deploy and settle shona people in Matabeleland so that they manage and implement the Grand plan policies ie occupy strategic positions, depopulate, incapacitate , segregate, abuse and dominate Matabeles.

MLO has knowledge of so many documented cases in hospitals and other medical facilities in Matabeleland territory where Matabeles who neither speak nor understand shona language end up being given wrong medication by Shona doctors and nurses who neither speak nor understand Ndebele language.

Sadly, many Matabeles have died in the process because of the language barrier. In some occasions, this is done deliberately with the intention to murder and depopulate Matabeles.

Information that has reached us repeatedly is that Matabele women are secretly sterilised without their knowledge so that they do not become pregnant. In some cases they deliberately administer wrong drugs to either kill or maim Matabele patients. In hospitals like Mpilo in Bulawayo there are reports of many mysterious miscarriages by Matabele women that happen during the night and the bodies of the dead children disappear without trace.

Remember what the Grand plan says? "The only way to weaken a Ndebele is to deprive him of an education". This is a lethal weapon used by the enemy

in the final phase of invisible genocidal war. Make no mistake it is very effective and deadly.


No university offers degrees in medicine and legal studies in Matabeleland.

The reasons are primarily for serving the Grand plan such that Matabeleland should not provide, lawyers, prosecutors, magistrates and judges for high court, supreme court and constitutional courts. Furthermore, it is to deny Matebeles to have their own legal practitioners who understand their unique position in apartheid Zimbabwe.

To reflect the apartheid system in Matabeleland territory. A Matabele person is falsely accused by a shona person who reports him at a police station in Matabeleland which is staffed by shona policemen and women who because of tribal and prejudice will arrest a Matabele person, charge him as alleged by a shona person or use illegal means of torture to extract information, present him to a shona prosecutor. They will then appear before a shona magistrate or judge who in most cases have political and tribal prejudice before any hearing takes place. The outcome of the hearing would be a conviction by a shona magistrate or judge who would deliver a Matabele person to a shona prison guard for the duration of the sentence. As we said in our last article this is where some Matabele prisoners are killed by poisoning.

One good example is when all shona speaking lawyers belonging to Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights refused to represent Cde Paul Siwela, John Gazi and Charles Thomas in a case of treason. The reasons given were that of tribal and political prejudice.


They came, they saw, they killed and destroyed.

The unwise men from the east who created the fake state and named it after ruins (Zimbabwe) also set the date of its demise through many ways.

The unwise, who are apparently novices when it comes to nation building, founded Zimbabwe on tribal emotions, annihilation and oppression of minorities. Ask any former coloniser and they will tell you that the architect of this kind of rule will one way or another fall on their own sword. Therefore loud voices calling for the restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland are no surprise at all. Some saw it coming. It is here. It is the right thing to do and there is no going back.

Shona supremacism and tribalism in Zimbabwe can only be compared to that of Hutus of Rwanda and Burudi and the Kikuyus of Kenya.

Fortunately for Matabeleland there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The Jameson Line border post that separates Matabeleland from Mashonaland aka Zimbabwe will be up and running very soon. This time around it will be stronger that the Berlin wall and so high that even the eagle would not be able to fly over it.

The wall must stand high to keep genocide away from Matabeleland. It must shut out Corruption, tribalism, violence, hatred, oppression, immorality, disorder, economic mismanagement, poverty, dictatorship, lawless and coups which are all Zimbabwe policies which are acceptable in that country.

Zimbabwe must fall!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube.
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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